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Why I Buy Fair Trade

I work hard for my money, and if I’m going to pay extra for a product I want to know that there is a good reason. 341 more words

Sustainable Living

New film festival to launch on Lanai

A new politically minded film festival is being launched on Lanai, the Lanai Documentary Film Festival (Lanai DFF).

It will focus on the subject of ‘Governance in Africa’ and feature films on things like women’s rights, education, animal welfare, sustainable living and technology. 74 more words


Five Reasons to Pee in Your Garden

By Sarah “Steve” Mosko

I confess, my husband and I both pee in our backyard garden, waiting until nightfall so as not to surprise neighbors. 1,547 more words

Sustainable Living

Sol Food

I really did intend for this to be a blog about bicycling, not solar cooking. But right now, I’m laid up with a herniated disk in my lower back (ow!). 210 more words

Pressing Apples

Every year we get out our old apple press and make enough cider to enjoy during the winter. Of course, a couple of gallons are set aside for Thanksgiving and a few more for the making of some hard cider. 249 more words

Life At Fernwood

Indomitable Zucchini

I can’t believe it’s mid-October and I’m still picking zucchini, especially considering the fact that the plants look pretty much like they’ve been run over several times by a small truck. 726 more words

Sustainable Living

Yr 12s starting eco sculptures

Students today started their individual works of Eco-Art, dealing with many different issues, and exploring aesthetic aspects of art;

Urban Landscapes:



Plastic Pollution:


Natural Forms:

Eco Art Workshops