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Intro? Intro.

Hi there, and a friendly wave to everyone (and by everyone I really mean no one because I highly doubt anyone is reading this, but if you are then pay attention) who is reading this post right now! 231 more words


Washing soda as a general cleaner

It’s almost spring (wishful thinking = me) so it’s time to start thinking and planning out the spring cleaning!  Actually spring cleaning doesn’t have to be done in spring and it’s perfect for those wet and gloomy winter’s day; get a workout and warm up while indoors. 216 more words

Sustainable Living

Sugar Free, Gluten Free, Lactose Free

Okay so I’ve been missing in action – it’s been a busy few months for me, but ten days ago I decided I’d had enough of an addiction that I’ve been battling for decades. 174 more words


ECOTOPIA – "no place I'd rather be"?

You walk down the street, slowly strolling. As you’ve missed your first bus you have plenty of time to wander and ponder. Like being annoyed by all the exhaust gases, boring concrete surfaces and why all people are rushing. 928 more words


Ricky Shetty The Daddy Blogger

Ricky’s secret to success with YVR Bloggers, Foodies and Masterminds is simple. Don’t wait to start. I believe he has a point. Ricky has found success with Daddy Blogger and his event series. 24 more words