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When the Tomatoes Take Over the Counter

Those of you who grow several tomato plants every summer will be no stranger to the image below. It is that time of year in the northern hemisphere when the tomatoes keep coming, and coming, and coming. 322 more words


Manny Pacquiao's Secret Recipe Best. Meal. Ever!!

What The Fighter Eats During Peak Training


Step into Manny Pacquaio’s shoes for one day, and you’d probably have trouble walking the next morning. During a day where he’ll run, spar and weight train, Pacquaio sheds calories quicker than he does opponents—oftentimes burning up to 2,500 calories per workout. 722 more words


Gardening Adventures!

Dear Reader,

My garden is growing!!! Every week I try and take a picture, to prove to myself that my wee plants are indeed getting bigger. 20 more words


Air-pruning plant pot success! My Sweet Peas are flowering!

When I sowed my Sweet Peas in their upcycled air-pruning plant pots, way back in April this year, I wasn’t sure how well my plants would grow. 239 more words

Sustainable Living

Elon Musk (Tesla): Sustainability Savant or Economic Genius...why not both?

Elon Musk, CEO and co-founder of Tesla Motors Inc has repeatedly stated that he wants ‘everyone to be driving an electric car’ both on his… 433 more words

Corporate Sustainability

Benevolent Capitalism

“So much of what goes on in the world with regard to business is about creating from this sense that a) there is a lack, b) a competition and c) a necessity of getting yours before somebody else does. 97 more words


Taste of Pine Avenue ~ Garden Project

For a different type of community garden, check out the Taste of Pine Avenue Garden Project, featuring nutritious food grown in raised bed gardens outside shops in Anna Maria’s quaint business district: 55 more words

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