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What's really in your pads and tampons?

Here is a video with some insight into the true ingredients in our sanitary products. If you use conventional pads and tampons keep in mind that companies are not required to disclose their ingredients because they are considered “medical devices.” This means that you may be putting potentially dangerous and carcinogenic chemicals right next to your reproductive organs every month. 82 more words


Sustainable Living

Sustainable Living

I discovered Tiny Houses and an array of information via web searches for viable ways of downsizing and living more affordably. Along the way some sites stood out and led to further investigations which have expanded my horizon, my mind, my heart and my soul. 262 more words

Random Musings

Det finns städer och så finns det smarta städer!

Jag hörde nyligen på nyheterna att Haninge kommun andra året i rad satsar på gratis odlingslådor för invånare.

Paketet är gratis och innehåller två lådor, 16 kg jord och tillgång till parkmark! 116 more words


Quebec urged to hike energy exports to Ontario

MONTREAL – Hiking energy exports from Quebec to Ontario would help both cash-strapped provinces, says a report released Friday by two environmental groups.

The study says increasing energy trade between the provinces could generate about $12 billion over 20 years for Quebec, while Ontario could save the same amount over the same period by cutting down on its nuclear-energy production. 426 more words


It's not just about the Coffee

The first time I had heard the words “Fair Trade” was in a coffee shop some years ago. I didn’t know exactly what that was but it sounded good. 707 more words


Beautiful Lazy Gardening

A post in praise of the lazy gardener (or should that read “time-strapped grower”?).

As well as the weeds-providing-shade-and-a-moist-microclimate trick (until the fine line tips and they compete for resources too much), being a little lax and prioritising other jobs is very important for biodiversity, and the soul. 169 more words


Water Bottles

Americans use 50 billion single use water bottles a year. It takes 17 million barrels of oil to produce the 50 billion water bottles. Only 23% of water bottles are recycled. #itemsofmassdestruction #recycle #sustainable #waste #plastic