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Insulating a Suspended Timber Floor

Many of the houses in the UK are hiding a dark secret, and it’s giving us cold feet – cold feet that cause echoes to bounce around beneath the house with every footstep because underneath the floorboards is a great, cold, energy-zapping box of nothing.   407 more words


DGA Syndicate -
A Future with No Pawns & No Kings

This Design can be ordered as a T-Shirt, Poster or Sticker. Just make a donation to the DGA Syndicate


No Pawns, No Kings

More info regarding the DGA Syndicate’s views of the world and visions for the future will be posted soon, as well as information about how you can join and/or help.


Pakaloha Bikinis; newest sexy bikini craze

In my never-ending quest to find the hottest and most covetable bikinis, for an ongoing summer (a result of the jet-set lifestyle!), I do a double take every time I see bikinis that catch my eye. 81 more words


Drought Tolerant Plantings: A Review of Riverplace and South Waterfront, Summer ‘12 (updated Aug. ’14)


The following is an evaluation I initially did while still working for Portland Parks and Recreation.  I’ve edited it a bit and added a few things to make it more current.   8,221 more words


What is Food Security?

Wikipedia’s answer is a bit vague:

“Food security is a condition related to the ongoing availability of food.”

For the sake of explanation, I much prefer Professor…

197 more words
Food Security

farm tour: by J

I love spending the day walking the fields and learning about the thoughts and methods of local farmers.

Andy of Mariquita Farms known for his specialty crops, like the popularization of the padron pepper, spigarello, and many more, is one of those unique farmers who gives you a sense of the hardship and necessity of farming. 26 more words