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140615: 13216 steps/5.01 miles

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Early morning meet up for lowest tide. Unfortunately for Barce it was the day after the lowest tide, so he couldn’t get out to the rock. 72 more words

San Francisco (Friday, August 8) - Sutro Baths

Ever since a brief stop at the area back in 2012, I wanted to return to have a closer look at the ruins of the… 100 more words

Sutro Baths, San Francisco

Sutro Baths was a large, privately owned swimming pool complex during the late 19th century, but now remains in ruins right next to the San Francisco Bay. 12 more words


Fake Tales of San Francisco

I feel a little more at peace behind the veil of a viewfinder.  There’s a sense of tunnel vision between you and the subject.  A transient narrative you see unfold and connect with.   63 more words


A Trip to the Baths

Tennessee Williams’ Amanda Wingfield is a character that I understand. That scene when she appears in the dress in which she “led the cotillion,” the way she waxes about all the gentlemen callers, the opportunities she once had as a young girl, I understand it all. 783 more words

You Have to Give Them Hope

I am home after a whirlwind trip to the Bay Area. A friend of mine, Michael Gaffney was doing a reading of the one man show he’s been working on for a few years now and because I’m not working and I could, I decided to drive up for it on Monday and come back last night. 980 more words