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The right choices for a future careers market

We’re at the time of year that final-year students have now essentially finished and submitted their applications and are waiting for, or receiving offers; but even so they ought to have something to bear in mind going forward – though the careers programme’s attention will shortly shift to younger students. 777 more words

What makes Great Teaching – a report from the Sutton Trust.

The latest report from the Sutton Trust is a review of the research into what makes good teaching. Created for an international summit in Washington about teaching, the document summarises research into effective teaching methods and also looks closely at how we can continue to improve teacher effectiveness in schools. 478 more words


Cannot afford an internship? Good luck in life...

How many times have you gone to apply for a job and on the description it says, normally in small writing, ‘experience essential?’ I do not have enough fingers to count the amount of times I have seen that phrase. 497 more words


Finding Praise in PE

In a recent post I wrote about the Sutton Trust and Praise, specifically in PE. It was a long, rambling windy post where I finally got to my own practice at the bottom. 828 more words

Personal Reflection

Great Teachers: what is the missing ingredient from the Sutton Trust report?

No, it doesn’t add anything to the debate. Yes, it does play on an unhelpful and outdated stereotype. And yes, I do sport them… 12 more words

Spouting Off

Great Teacher Leaps Tall Buildings: the Sutton Trust Report in the Wrong Hands

Reading the Sutton Trust Report on what makes a great teacher is not unlike reading about the exploits of a superhero in a Marvel comic: “A great teacher has deep content knowledge, uses effective questioning and can leap tall buildings.” 173 more words

Spouting Off

Sutton Trust Report 2014 coverage.

This post aims to collate news coverage and blog posts about the recently published Sutton trust report into what makes great teaching.

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