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My First SVM Model

As a learning exercise/practice I created a very simple SVM model using the ksvm function under the kernlab package.

The predictors I used were: VIX, Crude, Gold and Previous Day’s Close (factor). 86 more words

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Chapter Four - A Little Bit of the Past

So I found someone to look over my chapters but I’m not sure I like her betaing, this one hasn’t been touched yet and is fresh off the presses. 3,811 more words


Love Eternal Chapter 33

Whoo hoo! 2 chapters in one week! Enjoy my peeps!

Eric’s POV

Once again my miracle has healed my heart and I’m as close to complete peace as I have ever been in my long life. 4,248 more words

Eric Northman

Chapter Three - The Threat Is Real

Thank you so much for the reviews. When I started this I was so afraid that it wasn’t going to make any sense. As you can probably tell things are a bit AU from both the books and the TV show. 5,247 more words


Chapter Two - First Interactions

She had been so busy that at first Sookie had thought that maybe the vampire had just gotten up and left. Her section had demanded that she refill their beers or get them some more food. 3,847 more words


Chapter One - So It Begins

Hello everyone! This is my first attempt at a True Blood fanfic. It’s been swirling around in my head for a few days’ now. I’d like to give a shout out to my beta prettyinpunk66 for her help. 1,808 more words


All I Ever Wanted

Sookie Stackhouse is not who she pretends to be. What happens to the young woman when she is forced to come out of the coffin? Who’s her powerful father and true mate? 32 more words