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Love Eternal Chapter 30

Hello my peeps, sorry for the slow down in posting. My body hates me and has been having fun torturing me lately. I have several chronic illnesses and sometimes, well most of the time, they make my life hell. 4,277 more words

Eric Northman

Love Eternal Chapter 29

Eric’s POV

I let her pull me over to a mirror that is hanging on the wall. She places me in front of it before squeezing in beside me so both of us are in the frame. 4,057 more words

Eric Northman

It's Been a While

I haven’t forgotten, honest, but I have been busy doing some actual writing of my own!

“What’s that?” You say, “You’ve been writing?”

I have! 287 more words

True Blood

Love Eternal Chapter 28

Eric’s POV

I hold my precious miracle to me for what seems like hours, though it is only minutes. If I could soak her into my soul she still would not be close enough. 3,983 more words

Eric Northman

Love Eternal Chapter 27

Sorry I left you guys with a cliffy over the weekend. This chapter should make you feel much better. Once again, any mistakes you see are all mine. 3,849 more words

Eric Northman

What's The Importance Of Hyperparameters In Machine Learning?

Machine learning is becoming increasingly relevant in all walks of science and technology. In fact, it’s an integral part of many fields like computer vision, natural language processing, robotics, e-commerce, spam filtering, and so on. 1,128 more words

Machine Learning

Andre, 35, is up!

I know, right?  SO FAST, you say…

And yeah, you’d be right, too!  :D

What can I say – when Andre Paul speaks to my muse, I tend to eavesdrop…

Hope you enjoy: