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Love Eternal Chapter 34

I’m sorry this took so long. I’m doing something I swore I would never do too, post a chapter without having another one written yet. My muse disappeared after she dumped this one on me so I’m hoping putting a bit of stress on me will make her feel sorry enough for me to make her come back. 4,301 more words

Eric Northman

PSyTranS: An Application of Biological Classification via Machine Learning

Just last year (Nov 2013), I went on a Future Researchers’ showcase night at the University of Queensland, Brisbane which was more like a info session targeted at potential PhD candidates. 1,245 more words


Support Vector Machine Study Summary (I): Intuition

1, Introduction

Fine to skip this section if willing.

As generally known, SVM may be the most powerful and widespread classifier nowadays. However, due to the complicated mathematics inside and some convient libraries like LIBSVM, most of us including me just use it as a blackbox tool without knowing how it works. 1,818 more words

Machine Learning

My First SVM Model

As a learning exercise/practice I created a very simple SVM model using the ksvm function under the kernlab package.

The predictors I used were: VIX, Crude, Gold and Previous Day’s Close (factor). 86 more words

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Love Eternal Chapter 33

Whoo hoo! 2 chapters in one week! Enjoy my peeps!

Eric’s POV

Once again my miracle has healed my heart and I’m as close to complete peace as I have ever been in my long life. 4,248 more words

Eric Northman

Love Eternal Chapter 32

I’m so sorry for the wait my dears! My health, family life, and an absent muse are to blame. I hope I can keep my muse working full time and get another chapter out to you next week. 4,382 more words

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Support Vector Machine (SVM)–Part I: Maximal Margin Classifier

Maximal margin classifier requires the classes be separable by a linear boundary and so cannot be be applied to most data sets. Support vector classifier… 182 more words