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How to set revision number to svn external

SVN externals allow to include (nest) a remote SVN repository into another SVN repository. They are a great way to keep the latest code from another repository without having to do much. 95 more words


SVN basic commands

To list svn repo

svn list https://www.domain.com/reponame/trunk



SVN changing file permissions

example for changing file permission for *.sh file with svn del and svn add:

commitMessage=”some text”; mkdir tmp && cp *.sh tmp && svn del *.sh && svn ci -m “$commitMessage” && mv tmp/*.sh . 19 more words


On a quest of reducing Jenkins build time - Part 2

Previous – On a quest of reducing Jenkins build time – Part 1.

With all our efforts we had managed to get our build pipeline time down to under 12 minutes. 608 more words


How to enable AnkhSVN on Visual Studio 2013?

I would like to set up WinMerge as external Diff and Merge Tools after setting the source control plug-in (you have to install WinMerge first): 27 more words


SVN Branch merge

  • Create a branch

svn copy http://proj_base_svn_url/trunk http://proj_base_svn_url/branches/rel-1.3.3/

  • Checkout branch as a new instance to work upon -

svn checkout http://proj_base_svn_url/

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Subversion Hosting Providers

First, I thought to use my web hosting space for subversion repository but there were some limitations. Then I googled others options and came to know that there are many cloud based svn hosting providers available. 89 more words

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