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Basic Work Cycle of Subversion

(form Subversion Book)
Subversion has numerous features, options, bells, and whistles, but on a day-to-day basis, odds are that you will use only a few of them. 293 more words

SVN ignorelist in a Rails project

During the initial import of a typical Rails application into SVN, here is the recommended list of Rails components to be added to SVN ignore list - 7 more words


Maybe sometimes better than copy-paste.

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Peru is a tool for including other people’s code in your projects. It’s a lot like git submodules, except that peru stays out of the way of your other tools. 38 more words


[zz] Windows, svn+ssh and the Subversion command line client

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Download plink.exe and puttygen.exe from Putty website.

Next step is to generate an SSH key and place it on your server. 192 more words


Migrating from a Subversion repository to GitHub

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One of greatest attractions of GitHub is the community and the tooling that allows this community to share code. Each contributor can clone the repository, make their changes and then send you a… 48 more words


Новая работа

Сегодня устроился на новую работу веб-программистом, конкретно php-программист. 55 more words

Mac OS, IntelliJ IDEA 14 on JDK 1.7 with SVN and GIT

This time I’ve decided to write a bit more on the whole “setting up the dev environment on Mac OS” thing. Primarily, I’m going to focus on setting up IntelliJ IDEA running on JDK 1.7 with SVN and GIT as version control system of choice. 752 more words

Intellij IDEA