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remove Push to SVN or Remove SVN DCommit (Migrate from SVN to GIT)

I has been migrate from SVN to GIT quite sometimes, however what is the most annoying me is the GIT context menu still have the option of SVN. 161 more words

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LaTeX and SVN

Document structure

  • separate .tex file for every section
  • for large files and more authors consider to put every sentence on a single line
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Moving from Google Code to GitHub: Migrating the wiki

When moving your project repositories from Google Code to GitHub, the migration from SVN to Git is supported by a a rich toolset.

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Gource: Visualize your Git logs in style

While generally there isn’t any real benefit in using this tool, it has been known to be able to increase your swag factor by up to 83% and it is, in the context of version control, the… 321 more words


SVN commands

SVN cmds: http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/blfs/edguide/chapter03.html

1. Update your local SVN folder:

svn up

2. Clean SVN locks:

svn cleanup



1. 此目录中右键,从TotoiseSVN菜单里选取export。

2. export时选取此目录本身,如桌面。



3. 搞定。


In "Jenkins-CI" SVN Plug-in Always Checkout The Same Version

This issue happen due to diffrence in time between the “Jenkins-CI” server and the “SVN” server  .

You can fix this by change the “Jenkins-CI” job configuration so the URL that points to the SVN branch asks for the HEAD revision. 31 more words