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Micrsoft Team Explorer Vs TortoiseSVN - part 3


TortoiseSVN: To get a repository, we have two options – export a copy of the repository or create a synchronized directory. If repository artefacts are exported, there is no connection between the artefacts in your directory and those in the repository. 78 more words


SVN: Editor & Ignore List

Set SVN Text Editor
$ export SVN_EDITOR=joe
Add Directory to Ignore List
$ svn propset svn:ignore /path/to/ignore .

Micrsoft Team Explorer Vs TortoiseSVN - part 2

Application Interface

TortoiseSVN: The interface to SVN that we were using was TortoiseSVN, which is integrated with Windows Explorer. Most of its tasks are available by right-clicking the mouse inside the chosen directory or on the selected directory/file. 62 more words


Micrsoft Team Explorer Vs TortoiseSVN - part 1

Recently, I had to switch over from using Subversion (SVN) to Microsoft Team Explorer for maintaining project artefacts like documents, source code and the like. 15 more words


SVN PROPFIND 405 Method Not Allowed

svn cleanup

Now  svn update can be executed without problems.


Configure proxy in Subversion

If our box is behind a proxy and we want to use subversion to communicate with a repo
which is out of our network, we need to configure proxy settings for Subversion. 35 more words

General Learning

How to upgrade Subversion server 1.6.11 to 1.8.8

Quick steps how to upgrade the Subversion 1.6.11 server to 1.8.8

  1. Check the version of your Subversion server:
    # svn --version
    svn, version 1.6.11 (r934486)
  2. 876 more words