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What a Hoot

You Obviously Love Owls.

This is the only acceptable use of this phrase.


The Time Runner - New Artist

C.V WILLIAMS New Artist Profile

By Rachel Lily

CV Williams is a jack of all trades, master of… well, all. Equipped with a hand full of songs, courtesy of influences from Drake and Kid Cudi, a lip piercing that he can’t stop chewing on, and superhero tattoos trailing up and down his arms, he’s ready to “win ‘em over with his swag”. 397 more words

Sex & The City Quote

Sooooooo true!

Who cares what people think of you!?

You only live once and life goes by way to fast to worry about what every bitch on the block is thinking about you!

4-18-14: NEW MultiCamo Rock Slings Added!

Since everyone knows that Coyote makes everything tactical, there was only one other color that could make them tactical-er: MultiCamo! Now you can color coordinate your slings with your gear. 43 more words


Line set to be released Fall of 2014.

We are currently building inventory & having pieces manufactured. Burks, CEO, has planned for the line to be available online this coming fall. The site where clothes will be available is currently under maintenance. 8 more words