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New York City 10K 2014

This was the second year of the New York City 10K (6.2 miles) that is put on by the Cerulean Sports Group. I hastily signed up for this race because I suffered terribly last year from bling envy after I saw the massive medals they doled out. 679 more words

Comfortable Shoes!?!

I received this “everything you need to know before you arrive” email today. Time to fly out to San Diego. The only comfortable shoes I’ll be wearing on this trip will be in the gym or on the beach. 64 more words


It's as easy as yī, èr, sān!

Ever fancied teaching?

Nah, me neither!

I always remember the crap we used to put our teachers and supply teachers through back in the good ol’ days… Locking Mrs T out of the classroom in french, shuffling the chairs and desks back a couple of inches every time Mr B turned to face the board in maths and hiding Mr B’s jar of chutney he had prepared for the Christmas raffle . 464 more words

LIV: The Most Profound Truth (Series)

Grab you that sex, talk and slow jams album some wine and then dim the lights when you read this one. The whole world might fall in love. 2,059 more words


Becoming Poison Ivy: Toxic Rose Scepter & Boots

Finished the scepter and boots for my Poison Ivy costume. I’m almost finished. I am working on my poisonous swag while I watch Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder. 25 more words


New trending GIF tagged swag crying money woody...

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Knock Knock Joke

For this project I had to make a video using different kinds of shots.