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Swamp People Dats A Treeshakah! Adult T-shirt XL. If you looking for Swamp People Dats A Treeshakah! 90 more words


The Writer stops abruptly as he crosses the desert, as if something called out to him from the night. He turns. Looks. Listens.


Then, he hears a voice behind him croak “Frog”. 115 more words



Every breath of air so thick
burns my eyes; my stomach’s sick
blisters birth, boils burst
caustic swamp surely cursed
oh what joy, just my luck… 584 more words


Summer Swamp Rose

I hike along a swamp and I hear that slap of fish fins and frogs jumping across the murky surface. The sound of birds mingles into the swamp symphony, and the sound of wind rustling tall grass and reeds. 51 more words


From Swamp to Spaceship: 12 steps to the magical Uni of York

By Victoria Lee

Our University has changed drastically over the past 50 year – but some things will always remain close to our hearts. Here’s how we arrived at today: 274 more words


Something Beautiful

Mistakes can be a catalyst for change if you will give in to the refining. Motives are purified in the heart and love will cover if you love enough. 38 more words