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Jeannie Alexander - Fear

Jeannie Alexander told her first story at Tenx9’s October theme “Fear.” She recounts the story of embracing fear in a New Orleans swamp as she followed the advice of Jedi Master Yoda. 


Reedy Creek: The Launching Point of Book Two

My next book focuses on a crime that occurs south of the Reedy Creek Improvement District (RCID). This is an area of old world Florida that was raped to create Disney World. 406 more words

Writing Process/WIPs

A Tenner of Branta canadensis

The red and yellow colors of the fall foliage were breathtaking and the wind was blowing in strong and seemed to be coming in from all directions. 894 more words



This is Tad. He is a creature of the isolated swamps untouched by man. He is a shy and gentle giant who guards the other creatures of the swamp. 117 more words


Swamp Dream

The following passage is a dream I experienced in my sleep…

I feel my feet sinking into mush; my shoes are seeping with water. I’m in a swamp clearing, ringed with low hanging vines and half-dead trees. 65 more words

Blog Post

The Night of the Living Dead Halloween 2014

Spooky Halloween window…..are you afraid of the living dead? Meet our zombie in their swamp with ratty friends, coming to life from beyond the grave. Wooooooohhaaaaa! 9 more words


Nuzzlers - Day 323 - Sand Creatures

Today I built some of my favourite characters… Avatar Aang and Appa (and Momo too)…

I’ve always liked the idea of having a giant creature follow me round as a friend/helper. 161 more words

365 Day Challenge