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Swamp Spirit

I haven’t drawn anything nightmare inducing in so long, I was afraid I was getting out of touch with mah weird side. Turns out it is still pretty intact and I maintain the ability to cause my loved ones to question my sanity. Cool beans, man.


Swamp Tour Photos!

Swamp tour


I went on a swamp tour! It was awesome to experience. I’ve been to Louisiana a few other times but never did any of the “tourist” type things. 407 more words

Biodiversity challenge - Shoebill

Bigmouth strikes again

Blast from the prehistoric past,
Ugly sister who swallowed the slipper.
Feather-clad freak with a murderous beak,
Mighty mouth munching your lungfish booty.

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Louisiana Wildlife Paintings

We are so pleased to offer these paintings by Cynthia!


new orleans then and now

I’ve been on a few trips this year to places I haven’t been in a while – LA and Vegas (last time I was in LA was six years ago, last time I was in Vegas was 15 years ago). 530 more words

The Everglades

The Everglades are an extremely unique National Park. Visiting the Everglades transports one into the times of old Florida. The park is home to some rare and endangered animals. 182 more words