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The Times They Are a-Changin' (Part 1)

There are natural areas around here that I have visited so often, spent so much time in, that I recognize features that could easily elude the unfamiliar eye — a slight bend in the river, a marsh with a certain species of grass, or even a particular downed tree. 427 more words


Fugitive ecologies

I’m working on an historical and cultural visualization of W.E.B. Du Bois’s The Quest of the Silver Fleece, a novel about two black youths (Bles and Zora) at the turn of the century who try to grow their own cotton in the swamp of the Alabama Black Belt, hidden from the local cotton plantation. 944 more words


Agents of Dracula

4th April, 1998 | 00:50 – 1:00 AM

Their abode is stagnant water,
They live over the swamps.
Whoever they lay their fangs upon,
They’re likely to leave a stamp. 47 more words

Random Thoughts

Blackwood Farm

I have continued my foray through Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles with Blackwood Farm. In many ways, this was exactly what I was looking for in a vampire novel set in Louisiana. 651 more words


Calvert Cliffs

I took a trip to Calvert Cliffs with our friends Erica and Brad and hiked two miles to get to a beach to find shark teeth! 51 more words


Coffee House Loop - Douglas

Coffee House Loop – Douglas State Forest
Wallum Lake Park Road, Douglas, MA
Trailhead: 42° 1’21.28″N, 71°46’13.14″W
Last Time Hiked: September 18, 2014
Approximate distance hiked: 2.2 miles… 454 more words

Book Review: Beware the Wild

Book: Beware the Wild

Author: Natalie C. Parker

Plot: The swamps are the protagonist of many horror stories  around Sticks, a small place in Louisiana. The residents dread it and advice to stay away from it but Sterling cannot do that anymore. 378 more words