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Swashbuckling tale coming soon

Betrayed by king and country, the life of a nobleman is a distant memory for Captain Stone. All the man needed in life was wine, wenches and song between skirmishes with sovereign ships, which resulted in riches and many soiled britches, to inconvenience England. 110 more words


MOVIE REVIEW | The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938)

“I’ll organize revolt, exact a death for a death, and I’ll never rest until every Saxon in this shire can stand up free men and strike a blow for Richard and England.” 486 more words

Bad day so here's an awesome story instead

Quick summary of today: it was very disheartening, as the masking results showed almost nothing that I was expecting to see, or should see based on prior findings. 703 more words


Which Robin Hood do you like?

The adventures of Errol Flynn were as infamous in the media as Marilyn Munroe or Lindsay Lohan, but his film career was one-hundred times better, making 1938’s… 972 more words


The Dad-Type vs. the Swashbuckling Bachelor

Being a father of four children, while perhaps not as hard a job as being a mother of four, is in itself a whole other world unto itself. 874 more words

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