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Girls' education and the Taliban

This is an article from the salad days of 2012, when I was a callow and loathsome undergraduate. Opinions – and prose style – are not necessarily endorsed. 946 more words

Malala Yousufzai

A Poem for Malala

O’ the master of Guns!
Listen to us.
We, the people from the hills,
Live in mud houses,
But we love the very concept of love. 97 more words

Position Statement on Culture Policy for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

After 18th Amendment the subject “culture” has been devolved to the provinces which mean that provincial governments have the authority to work for the revival, promotion and preservation of the indigenous cultural heritage. 794 more words

Kohistani Embroidery - part 2

Here are three more pieces of Kohistani embroidery from my collection. The square piece I bought in Kabul in 1974 and it was probably used to cover flat bread and keep the flies off. 77 more words