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On the ground in Ferguson: Streets much quieter when police back off from aggressive stance


FERGUSON, MO. — I was three hours off my flight from Toronto when the first dose hit.

I could see clouds of tear gas just ahead, but didn’t realize the vapour had invisibly spread closer, until the stinging in my eyes began, then the intense nasal irritation and a taste so bitter I was soon spitting onto the sidewalk. 812 more words


With Taliban's Revival, Dread Returns to Swat valley


By Zia Ur Rehman and Declan Walsh 

JULY 26, 2014


SWAT VALLEY, Pakistan — As battle rages in North Waziristan, where the Pakistani military says it has killed more than 500 militants, unfinished business from the army’s first major assault on the Taliban lingers painfully in the Swat Valley, at the other end of Pakistan’s Pashtun belt. 1,283 more words

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Girls' Education and the Taliban

This is an article from the salad days of 2012, when I was a callow and loathsome undergraduate. Opinions – and prose style – are not necessarily endorsed. 940 more words

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