"A c**t for your son this year?" The perils of not listening properly...

“A cunt for AJ this year?”
I know my very nice colleague in her sixties cannot possibly be saying what my ears just heard, especially as she is smiling so sweetly. 145 more words

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In Response to: Teacher who ‘ordered a hit’ on 7th grader gets fired


Although there is always some tension with some students and teachers/administration, this is a particular story that is not only strange but also unethical and a dangerous situation. 220 more words

~ Hey Motherfuckers - Read my damn post about shitty language!

Sorry for those who I offended with the title of my post.

Actually, I’m not sorry.   Because, if, with all the horrific things that take place in our world – wars, genocide, political corruption, child abuse, corporate greed, human slavery, environmental disasters, etc. 2,110 more words

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Weekly Writing Prompt: "It's Called Lalochezia, Damnit!"

Can you use the word “lalochezia” correctly? Let’s find out!

This is our site’s very first prompt (Yay!), and we have chosen a very special word for our subject this week. 269 more words


Teach Your Child to Curse?

It seems natural that we try to prevent our children from swearing for as long as possible.  But many parents I speak to never consider why.   862 more words

Life And How To Live

Mark Wahlberg Drops F-Bombs During MTV Movie Awards Acceptance Speech

With the cast of ‘Entourage’ behind him, Mark Wahlberg, aka Marky Mark of the Funky Bunch, accepted the Generation Award at the MTV Movie Awards last night and let fly a flurry of f-bombs. 138 more words


He cursed the curse that would not come

Language is a recurring theme in The Reawakening, Primo Levi’s account of his life in the months immediately after liberation from Auschwitz. In particular, the book describes many encounters with people of different tongues and how he and they find ways to communicate based on second, third, or no languages in common. 366 more words