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All ADJ and shit

“As far as I can see, ‘all proper and shit’ is a syntactically, semantically, and pragmatically compositional combination of two constructions that have existed in English for hundreds of years.” … 180 more words


Bad words in good books? How to write a novel--part 33

I don’t always use the most genteel words in my writing. But that doesn’t apply to all the writing I do. If, for instance, I’m working on something destined for a family publication, or for the rare (for me) kid-targeted piece, I’ll avoid “bad” words entirely. 758 more words


"women shouldn't curse"...and other absolute fucking bullshit i've heard lately

Recently, resident douche canoe of epic proportions, Mike Huckabee…went ahead and made a really asinine comment in regards to women using BAD WORDS! Gasp! Oh noes…widdle ladies shouldn’t be saying the big bad f-word…they might give someone the wrong impression! 1,035 more words

Swearing, Slurs and Nudity: I Feel So Grown-Up

Note: limited spoilers on DAI main plot, some spoilers on romance


On another matter, speaking of the keep in the Western Approach (which we were several posts ago: I have a long memory), here’s a minor rant I’ve been saving. 1,973 more words

ADAM LERNER: Mike Huckabee complains of ‘trashy’ women at Fox News

Politico: Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee said in a recent radio appearance that while in New York for his Fox News show, he experienced significant culture shock from all the “trashy” women swearing in a professional setting. 38 more words


Lemon pilau rice

Tim Rice, as part of the award-winning writing team with Andrew Lloyd Webber, was the one that didn’t resemble Jabba the Hutt from Star Wars and the… 669 more words


And I said "shit"

May I present to you the President of the United States, former Governor of the great state of Arkansas, former Fox contributor, and current fan of Ted Nugent, … 134 more words