Morning all. Well I’ve managed to avoid a cold so far this winter, but now I have virtually half a voice left. Before people start hanging out the bunting and having a street party to celebrate, it will return soon I hope!!! 319 more words

Mental Health

Not Dealing with the Snow too well and Oh! My Language!

It snowed last night. I drove my car a few blocks earlier today and it was “iffy” getting out of the parking lot, so walked later to visit one friend a few blocks away for fear of getting stuck and walked  to another friend’s for supper. 240 more words

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Coarse Language

If there’s one thing about my mum that inspires great affection in me it is this: she likes swearing. I like swearing.

Every time content warnings come on before the start of a show on telly, and they warn about coarse language she says, “Oh, I do love a bit of coarse language.” 300 more words


I Don't Swear, I Swear!

I rarely swear. Not because I think it’s an awful thing to do (or say), in fact, I don’t know why I don’t.

When I was younger, say, in primary school, I was never open to people saying ‘bad’ words, so I never really knew they existed. 308 more words

My Week: Obama the Llama (Monday)

We all know Obama. Terrible president. Awful leader. Frogs can do better. So that’s why I’m posting this new edition of ‘My Week’. Please don’t forget to support the Labour Party here: http://www.labour.org.uk/ 217 more words


I Swear To God

Before Christ I swore like a drunken sailor. To my chagrin, even today I have to be vigilant or the old habits will sneak in. Since I’ve become accustomed to hearing all manner of coarse language coming from my own lips, I usually don’t get all out of sorts when I hear someone else using colorful adjectives. 213 more words


Fuck Drat

Don’t get me started on the kind of people who use the word drat. Yeah, that D word. Fucking d$%#. Don’t say it. Please. What other word could combine all the impotent emotional censorship of “fiddlesticks,” yet actually maintain significant population of human beings (I’m saying that in the most general sense) on this planet, in our current time (2000fucking14!), in my current country (Murica), who were born and raised by adult human beings (again, the most general sense), who actually use the word drat. 155 more words