M. Fucker and FG Radio

On a trip to Paris we visited Oscar Wilde’s graveyard. (It was covered in lipstick kisses. As an early aside to what I am about to write, graveyard tourism in Paris is a great thing to do if you have been there a few times and want to do something different as there are some big names on tombstones in the City of Lights). 296 more words


How many swears can we give?

Sometime in 2010, the ‘Look at all the Fucks‘ image macro went viral:

This is obviously a playful variant of the well-known phrase… 1,660 more words


What the fuck is the “the” in “the fuck”?

The syntactic role of the seems simple enough: definite article, determiner on a noun phrase. But there are some instances where, if you stop and look at it for a moment, you have to ask, “What the fuck is it doing… 1,666 more words


Male bonding: Insults

“Fuckface,” “Numbnuts,” “Dickhead.” To the layman, these could be insults. But for many men who are good friends,  these are greetings, like “dude,” “chap” or ‘fella.” 350 more words


As 2014 Comes to a close...

…I thought now would be a great time to take a final look at my 2014 to-do list as I get ready for 2015! I first posted my to-do list for 2014 here: … 528 more words


"...and a broke-dick piece of shit drill."

As if my brain weren’t already a mush of holiday music, there’s a new earworm stuck in my head. (And soon in yours, too.) They say the holiday season is all about giving, so I’m handing this sweary little gift to you. 359 more words


Strong Language

I’m extremely excited to share Strong Language, a new “sweary blog about swearing” masterminded and managed by James Harbeck (@sesquiotic) and Stan Carey… 113 more words