No Zit!

My apologies in advance for this post, not because it contains anything offensive, just because it is damn stupid.

You may have noticed the swear word in the above sentence, if not you may need glasses. 284 more words

The Insane Rants

"Do Blondes have more fun, or Harassment?" Day one, part one.

Oh, I’m blonde now. Just shy of platinum, but it’s not subtle. Let’s fucking do this thing.

So far, a lot of ‘double takes’, nothing overt. 95 more words

Intro Blog Post

Hello, Bonjour, Namaste, Sawubona, Hola, Salaam alakum!

Good day to you, fellow people of the internet.

Well… as the title suggests, this is my first blog post! 473 more words


The Pursuit of Doing More Acceptable ‘Angry Things’

I’ve had a hectic few weeks in my new home that is Portland, Maine. Moving country can take up a lot of time, as can doing classes that are about a zillion times harder than the classes you’ve done in your home country. 713 more words



Confession – being identified as pessimistic (isn’t that what they label all of us realists?) and/or cynical is nothing new for me. Nor has it often been inaccurate. 816 more words

Just Another...

Please send the period fairy.

Today is day 28, so shark week is due to start any minute.  Tho, since my cycles have been completely whack since dicking with them so much, who knows really.  244 more words