I hate the word but truly that’s what I am. At least about this. And since this essay is about words, let’s just do it, shall we? 793 more words


All About Cussing

Disclaimer: I am an avid fan of punk rock, rock, and metal core. It’s no secret these songs contain cuss words so I may show some bias in this. 344 more words

It's beginning to look a lot like...

Seeing as it’s October and all, Rose has been sent home from school with a DIY Christmas card making kit, so we can astonish our relatives with her creative talent. 90 more words

Family Stuff


I love foul language as much as I love highbrow art and postmodern literature.

I do not condone the frequent and explicit use of foul language, but I support the notion that it is a daily necessity or a necessary evil, without which human civilisation cannot thrive on. 140 more words

Is it possible to have a conversation without swearing?

I don’t usually like to ruminate, but there is something that has been bothering me lately. There is a problem with the way people talk to each other. 641 more words

The bad F word...

So, a friend recently suggested I should start a blog. In her defence, she had been drinking and I’d just told her she had lovely teeth so I think she was just desperately trying to return the compliment. 291 more words


A Pirate's Life is Not for Me

I, like any other human being, have the undesirable ability to be irritated or frustrated by certain things in daily life. And when those things crawl under my skin and gnaw at my insides, I must confess: I feel and act on the unquenchable urge to swear. 475 more words

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