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Business time

A metallic green sweat bee (family Halictidae),
busy in the pollen of a purple coneflower,
appears to be an Agapostemon species.
But which one?



First Flock Session

Hello everyone! The Drongos have had their first guiding for our expanding flock! Due to stormy weather, our guiding session was pushed back for half an hour. 552 more words

The Secret About Competition

It’s not always about aggression.

Moth, Sweat Bee and Scotch Thistle




A tiny sweat bee diligently gathers brilliant yellow pollen from the inside of a vibrant red dahlia.

Yes, here we go again…back to my bee photography obsession. 185 more words


Dressing Up for Work

First the workplace, nothing but the best …

Mariposa Lily

… and then the worker.

Just because a flower is a worksite, doesn’t mean you have to dress down. 39 more words

Nature Photography

Purple bee balm

Many of the photos in this blog are taken along paths trod time and time again on weekend “photo safaris,” which usually consist of an hour walking an area less than a half-mile radius from the house. 60 more words

Cement Mixer