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Recording a DJ-mix for the Room With A View-podcast @ Sweatlodge Radio

Dear blog. So my dear friend Phil “Dairmount” Darimont asked me to do a one hour guest-DJ-mix for the monthly Room With A View podcast on Sweatlodge radio, and the picture above¬†is what I ended up with. 229 more words


My First Sweat, Part 2 - Late 1999

I would later discover through personal experience that not all sweats are created equal. Some are by far hotter than others, and this first sweat I attended was blisteringly hot – so hot that I literally felt like my skin was melting. 131 more words


wood smoke and tobacco
fire, steam, sparks
glowing rocks in the sand
burning embers
sweat, tears, breath
creating the next day
as we sit in the darkness… 11 more words


My First Sweat - Late 1999

To the uninitiated, participating in a sweat lodge ceremony may hardly seem different than spending time in a sauna. I’m here to tell you, however, that the two are quite different. 234 more words

The Free State - November, 1999

The Free State occupied several acres of land, some of it wooded, and at least 2 activists stood guard at its perimeter at all times. Tepees, tents, and makeshift structures littered the landscape. 249 more words

Summarizing Seattle | Getting ready for L.A.

I’ve been to Duvall for a bit more than three weeks. Now I’m following an unexpected invitation. Ian Castronovo, a close friend of mine and prefessional artist, happened to currently work in a studio in L.A. 128 more words


More Intro - April 5, 2014

Who I am today has been defined in part by who I was yesterday. I am now an economist, formerly the natural resources revenue analyst for the Governor of Montana and currently the market financial analyst for a natural gas and electricity supplier. 219 more words