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Legs/Glutes + Jamie Eason's LiveFit Trainer Day 59


- Angled Leg Press

- SS w/ DB Goblet Squats

- Barbell Walking Lunges

- Cable Glute Kickbacks

- SS w/ Cable Hip Abductors… 247 more words


A Challenge from Ewe

A few weeks (or possibly months) ago Ewe said I should write about him reading my blog because it would be mind blowing, or something to similar effect. 446 more words


Turn it up Tuesday! 10/21

Each week our beloved instructor and play-listing connoisseur Sarah C is adding songs to our ‘Turn it Up Tuesday’ collection on Spotify. Starting today, you can rely on these brand new jams to add to your rotation each week.  180 more words

Biceps, Triceps, & Abs (Obliques) + Jamie Eason's LiveFit Trainer Day 58

Biceps & Triceps

- Barbell Preacher Curls

- DB Alternating Hammer Curls

- SS w/ Barbell Curls

- DB Tricep Kickbacks

- SS w/ DB Overhead Extensions… 540 more words


immunity boosters to the rescue!

The holidays are approaching, and coupled with the cold and flu season we are all more susceptible to getting sick…YUCK! In addition to regularly washing your hands and drinking plenty of water, we can increase our intake of certain nutrients to help stave off an impending cold.   569 more words


Back, Shoulders, Abs (Rectus Abdominis) + Jamie Eason's LiveFit Trainer PHASE THREE

Back & Shoulders

- Hammer Strength Rows

- Bent Over Barbell Rows

- SS w/ Close Grip Seated Rows

- Leaning Cable Lateral Raises

- DB Front Raises… 217 more words