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Finally finishing this striped raglan sweater after a short break for a sock knitting project. This knit is really quick. See my previous post for details on yarn, pattern, etc.


striped pullover.

For some reason, I never actually, in all my years of knitting, have made a really simple, straight forward, top down raglan sweater in stockinette. I’ve started a million; never finished, frogged, and started something different, favoring sleeve details or fair isle motifs or cardigans. 141 more words


Measuring up

My Alpengluhen sweater is almost at the point where the body isn’t knit all at once (it’s bottom-up), so I’m obsessing about length. I’m supposed to knit 13 1/2″ until separating the back from the fronts, so I’ve measured several of my much-worn hand knit sweaters. 163 more words

Celtic Cable Cardigan

This other parts are here - 1, 2, 3, and 4 I sewed the buttons and my Celtic Cable Cardigan is done!


Celtic Cable Cardigan - 4

The first three parts are here, here and here.

Once the pieces are blocked it’s mattress stitch for a few days to sew all the pieces up. 168 more words


Celtic Cable Cardigan - 3

The first and second parts are here and here


I didn’t do any changes to the sleeve. Cast on 40 stitches and needed 62 before the sleeve cap shaping to fit my arm. 93 more words


Celtic Cable Cardigan -2

In case you missed the first part. It’s here.

It’s very nice to see the two front pieces turn out exactly like you imagined. The back is pretty straight forward with plain stockinette stitches. 99 more words