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A panic attack is a unexpected flood of overpowering anxiety and fear. Panic attacks may happen just once, but many people experience them over and over again. 323 more words

You're hot then you're cold

I’m going home today! I get to see my dog and my mom and my best friend- and, no those aren’t all the same person! Shame on you. 387 more words


Bally Chohan: Feel fresh in summers with yoga

As the hot season is about to reach one thing that came in mind of people is sweating.oh my god these intolerable summer bring unobvious frustration, laziness and itching. 255 more words


Sweating and burning calories instead of eating them :)

It is 9:30 am and I have already did 63 minutes of videos and burned 275 calories … I am actually sweating and breathing hard :) It feels great but if you will excuse me I now need a shower ;)


2. Myositis on my Journey for Pain relief

Well what a morning Pregabalin, Amitriptyline, morphine, onboard last night, Pregabalin, morphine, prednisone, onboard this morning and i’ve never been in a much pain,nothing is controlling it.the only thing that helps the pain is stitting still like a statue,i cant believe myositis can be this painful ? 42 more words

1. Myositis on my Journey for Pain relief

Seen GP Yesterday no more morphine he cant up it now, GP phoned Neuro specialist Secretary for an Emergency appointment a waste of 20 mins got nowhere, the CHRONIC PAIN Continues its been 8 months of this now Chronic pain that gradually built up knee pain, red legs, sweating, muscle twitching, EMG results Suggest Myositis, (such a painful thing for me) been prescribed prednisone 40mg daily for a week. 58 more words