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Missing cars, lift drivers and boob sweat

A calm cool day. Grey skies that reminded me a bit of home. Thankfully the hot sweltering heat was beginning to die down in LA, and I was getting a taste of fall. 1,271 more words

getting sweaty

I got a little extra activity in today.  This morning, I went for a walk on a nature trail this morning with a longtime friend.  The trail has been ravaged by flooding from this past spring, so it felt like a cross country, off road hike. 31 more words

Perfect Blue (1998)

Directed by Satoshi Kon (Paranoia Agent), Perfect Blue is an adequate thriller with some nice suspense and a few good twists to the plot.  If you’re familiar with Kon’s work, you know he tends to delve into the psychological, and… 820 more words



We had to watch another Bollyhell movie this week and it was called D(h)oom 2…which means that there is a first one and when I went to google a third one came up as well. 248 more words

Breaking Bad.

The awesome thing about BYTT is that you learn a lot about yourself and the bad habits that you’ve built in your practice. These habits can be as simple as walking off your mat (even just to the left side or forward) to grab your water bottle or squatting down between a posture to drinking water before the start of the spine strengthening series or drinking water before the sit up in the floor series or drinking water in between sets of postures. 996 more words

Canny do it?

I think I can!

I’m nearly there.

Running on two coffees and I have nearly completed my post load for the day.

I’m really quite excited. 327 more words