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Sweaty Betty Ballet Bootcamp - Get Fit 4 Free

This season’s #GetFit4Free campaign is Ballet Bootcamp. Designed to shape, tone, lengthen and strengthen the female body, this innovative Ballet Bootcamp is …
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My Journey to Health Part 3

I’m back with Part 3 of my story. I know it’s been a long time, so if you need to refresh your memory, read Part 2 here! 797 more words


Random Thoughts Tuesday

Why is it some days you really want to crawl under your bed and not come out? I do not like feeling this way.

Woke up hot, sweaty and yet freezing at the same time. 43 more words

Post Workout Beauty Routine!! How To Go From "Sweaty To Ready" - After Gym Beauty Tutorial!!

Post Workout /After The Gym Routine! People complain they “don’t have time to workout” because they have to go to school or work directly after- I wanted to share my routine to help you… 16 more words

Doggy Style

When one sets out to write, whether it be for a novel, newspaper article or blog, the age old advice of ‘writing about what you know’ is worth keeping in mind. 592 more words

#todaysconclusions 23/10/14

You’ve not seen the look of disgust until you devour a reduced deli chicken in front of someone with your bare hands whilst standing in the kitchen. 99 more words


Dirty, Sweaty, Messy, Hot Passion

“Could I trouble you for a quarter?” he asked with that glint in his eye that I would come to know so well.

“Sure,” I replied meekly as I handed it to him. 1,118 more words