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Doggy Style

When one sets out to write, whether it be for a novel, newspaper article or blog, the age old advice of ‘writing about what you know’ is worth keeping in mind. 592 more words

#todaysconclusions 23/10/14

You’ve not seen the look of disgust until you devour a reduced deli chicken in front of someone with your bare hands whilst standing in the kitchen. 99 more words


Dirty, Sweaty, Messy, Hot Passion

“Could I trouble you for a quarter?” he asked with that glint in his eye that I would come to know so well.

“Sure,” I replied meekly as I handed it to him. 1,118 more words


Big Tits Zombie (2010)

Big Tits Zombie, aka Big Tits Dragon: Hot Springs Zombie vs. Stripper 5, promises much in its long-winded title.  Sadly I must report that the movie doesn’t even attempt to cash the check it’s written here, because I’ve seen romcoms with more tits and ass.  1,081 more words


Lunch Break

It’s a hot school day again and after my first period is a looong lunch break. I usually hang out in the school library where there’s air conditioning and wifi (that you have to hunt for), but today I went home because I wanted to get out of my clothes and take a cold shower. 144 more words


Noroi [aka, The Curse] (2005)

This week I’m bringing you something a little outside my grotesque comfort zone in an attempt to find a movie that might actually creep me out for a change.  1,310 more words


Let's Talk About Sweat, Baby

Plastic chairs are my nemesis. Basically, any chair that’s not fabric is a cause for worry. If you’ve never experienced the chair sweat nightmare, I won’t even try to explain it. 633 more words