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“Could I trouble you for a quarter?” he asked with that glint in his eye that I would come to know so well.

“Sure,” I replied meekly as I handed it to him. 1,118 more words


Big Tits Zombie (2010)

Big Tits Zombie, aka Big Tits Dragon: Hot Springs Zombie vs. Stripper 5, promises much in its long-winded title.  Sadly I must report that the movie doesn’t even attempt to cash the check it’s written here, because I’ve seen romcoms with more tits and ass.  1,081 more words


Lunch Break

It’s a hot school day again and after my first period is a looong lunch break. I usually hang out in the school library where there’s air conditioning and wifi (that you have to hunt for), but today I went home because I wanted to get out of my clothes and take a cold shower. 144 more words


Noroi [aka, The Curse] (2005)

This week I’m bringing you something a little outside my grotesque comfort zone in an attempt to find a movie that might actually creep me out for a change.  1,310 more words


Let's Talk About Sweat, Baby

Plastic chairs are my nemesis. Basically, any chair that’s not fabric is a cause for worry. If you’ve never experienced the chair sweat nightmare, I won’t even try to explain it. 633 more words

Freakin' fantastic weekend... so far.

I just have one more day left of my rockin’ weekend visiting my family. I have enjoyed it immensely. I never get tired of spending time with my little sister and best friend, plus seeing all of the rest of my family (mom, grandma, other sisters, etc.). 500 more words



Waking up in the middle of the night with a low can be the worst, but I’m thankful that I am able to wake up to take care of it. 56 more words

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