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Dead Sushi (2012)

From director Noboru Iguchi (The Machine Girl) comes Dead Sushi, an utterly ridiculous zombie flick where the food feasts on you.  Inspired by such films as… 1,221 more words


bagels and beer

A few day of not eating for a fat girl gives her The Hunger™.

What does one eat on a Sunday morning-ish if she’s not doing all out brunch? 239 more words

Buses, Bedbugs, Bikes and Beaches part 2

Hi everyone,

Paul here, continuing from the previous post here. We last left you with us getting on the local bus from Da Nang to Hoi An. 826 more words


Safe and sound

If taking the elevators ensures you not to be boxing with a sort of human sponges sweat dripping,  inside the Museums you MUST to risk it! 315 more words

My Ordinary Life

Rape Zombie: Lust of the Dead 3 (2013)

That’s right kids, we’re back on track this week with everyone’s favorite otaku-lovin’, non-con zombie extravaganza.  After a brief detour into childhood rape and a divergence into some… 1,292 more words



may 17

yeah i am way ahead.

ok say i meet some successful people around my age. or you do. here’s a great lie to tell: just pretend you are your own MANAGER. 865 more words

Don't use the lift with sweaty people!

Scary stories about lifts are very popular and many filmmakers have drawn inspiration from those lurid tales.

You ought to know three things about the fear of being trapped into a lift: 383 more words

My Ordinary Life