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JSF Cheaper Than JAS? Finnish MoD Thinks So!

Carl Haglund (SFP), the Minister of Defence, has rejected the proposal by Eero Heinäluoma (SDP), the Speaker of the Parliament, to acquire JAS Gripen fighters from Sweden in a bid to promote Nordic co-operation.“The Finnish Air Force must get the best equipment we can afford… we should not acquire Swedish JAS fighters when we could acquire American F-35 stealth fighters for roughly the same price.”

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I found out today that I didn’t get the job at Burger King. I still haven’t heard from Hemtjänsten so I am a bit worried I might not get that one either. 532 more words


#Rape- What would You do?

Imagine the scenario you walking by an alley, shopping in store or visiting a public restroom when hearing something that sounds just like an on-going rape. 92 more words

The 10 Most Unique Hotels in the World

Travel is exciting! From planning your adventures to finally arriving at your long-anticipated home away from home, there’s not much that can beat the joy of being on vacation—except maybe the hotel itself. 924 more words



Swedish artist Seinabo Sey’s “Younger” is a masterpiece, from the songwriting, to the production, this track has it all. Strong and tender but not flashy. 95 more words


Meat balls with strawberry sauce in Sweden.


Labyrint feat. Amsie Brown - Chilla Lide

Well-produced easy-going laid back Swedish hiphop from Uppsala. Their liberal take on cannabis allegedly lead to a gig of theirs in Swedish city Växjö being cancelled by the police. Gangsta!?