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Wash your clothes? Only 36 dollars!

Stopped by the U.S.A. store in Stockholm today for a laugh and I certainly found it. 

Tide laundry detergent – 249 SEK  (That equals 36 American dollars). 19 more words


The 10 things I am taking away from Hyper Island

So, it’s been quite a while since my last post. And there is good reason for it. I’ve just finished the major portion of my MA course at Hyper Island. 697 more words

To the (is)land(s) of Sunken Ships, Nobel Laureates, and Robyn.

When I left off on Monday, my travel buddy and I were in the Reykjavik airport on our way to Stockholm. Before we dive in to the second leg of that great adventure, I thought a little backstory would be useful… 1,245 more words

Let's Talk Anti-Semitism

This story is posted on Ricochet, by a new member who is a Swedish Jew.  It tells the sorry tale of her and her children’s systematic persecution by others in her (formerly) civilized country.   236 more words


Operation Arctic Viking

Operation Arctic Viking is so-called because we are heading (hoping to head…) into the Swedish Arctic circle in Jokkmokk.

Arctic‘ is self-explanatory. 49 more words


New Music: Rebeat - Walking Dead

Out now on the legendary Champion record label comes ‘Walking Dead’, the latest offering from REBEAT, aka Danish born Kevin Romerdal and Swede Rasmus Bergdahl. Although they started making music together at the age of 15, it wasn’t till several years later, they decided to make electronic music and REBEAT was born. 212 more words


Crawfish party

Every year at the end of the season the different departments and areas at Liseberg have crawfish parties. A crawfish party is something very Swedish where you sit down with friends for a night in August, eat crawfish and shrimps and drink. 392 more words