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Thoughts on Language Teaching/Tankar om Språk Undervisning (Sw)

With all the advancements in machine translation for languages, I believe the focus in language teaching should now be the transmission of cultural knowledge: how to best interact with the majority of people from that culture, understanding smaller groups’ shared history and motivations, and the communities’ hierarchies of values. 57 more words


The Not So Cool Swedes Who Curse Like Hell eller Varför svenskar bara är pinsamma när de svär på engelska.

A few years ago a Swedish friend came to visit with his kids. They were 8 and 9 at the time and terribly proud of their English. 640 more words


"Do it for Denmark!" / "Gör det för Danmark!"

This advertisement for Danish company Spies Travel is really creative!


Denna reklam för danskt bolag Spies Rejser är verkligen kreativ!


Hej igen!

Jag vet en liten svenska nu men jag är för rädd att tala det. Min uttal är alla fel! Jag tänker mina ord är fel också… 157 more words


Food FOR thought

For any of you English speakers learning Swedish, you probably already know that the language can be a bit tricky. It’s tricky because there are so many words that look and sound like English words, but don’t mean quite the same things. 276 more words


Spring is almost here!

My latest reasons for not posting:

1. I had foot surgery three weeks ago (and it only cost $50).
2. I started an online Master of Education program (and it’s pretty intensive). 71 more words