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Hello Saferide - I was Jesus


“I was Jesus” is the first video and single from Hello Saferide’s forthcoming album “THE FOX, THE HUNTER AND HELLO SAFERIDE” which is due for release September 3rd, 2014. 89 more words



Song in Swedish capturing the years i was insane.

One gets better, oh yes we do, we do.WE DO!…f***k you”!


Another Discovery

Yesterday evening – whilst putting off writing my previous post because I’m a hopeless procrastinator – I stumbled across a rather useful blog for people trying to learn Swedish. 161 more words


A Good Day

It’s funny how much of an impact just one day can have. I woke up this morning feeling quite under the weather – a week of sickness and negative thoughts having taken its toll – yet now, as I’m about to go to sleep, I’m feeling lighter than I have in days! 290 more words


Do Not Treat Us Like Animals - 2012 - Swedish With English Subtitles

The Panthers are a unique organisation that takes inspiration and methods from the Black Panthers in the USA. The Panthers was started in February 2011 by a few older youths from the suburb of Biskopsgården in Gothenburg, Sweden. 264 more words


Jan Malmsjö - En sång en gång för längesen

Tacky video, but this is one of those songs living in emotions 1960s-1970s…
Swedish actor and singer Jan Malmsjö – A Swedish “Mr Entertainment”.

Jan Malmsjö – En sång en gång för längesen. 121 more words