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Interview with Author Livia Harper

Author Livia Harper’s first book, Slain, hit the shelves yesterday. Telling the story of a pastor’s daughter caught up in a murder conspiracy, Slain… 1,589 more words

Swedish Fish

Swedish Fish for the Win

I can’t see my kitchen table again. Well I can see the table. I can’t see the surface of the table. I can’t explain it, but this time, this mess seems more enjoyable. 610 more words

Came & went

This weekend was a good reminder for me, one that made me appreciate the relationships I have and cherish where I’m at in those relationships.  I fall more in love with my boyfriend every day.   534 more words


When Zombies and the Bible Collide: An Author Interview with Stant Litore

Author Stant Litore is celebrating the release of his latest work, I Will Hold My Death Close. Another entry in his highly successful Zombie Bible Series. 2,276 more words

Swedish Fish

The Wanderlusty VAGabond

Nothing gets me off more than a fresh stamp in my passport. As I write this, I am about to hit my 30th country. Presently, I’m on a train from Stockholm, Sweden to Oslo, Norway, hungover as hell, pining for a cheeseburger, and trying to remember what the fuck happened on my Tinder date last night (1). 1,515 more words

PHOTOS: Here's Some Things That Cost As Mush As A Raising A Kid!

Raising a kid is really expensive.

It’ll run you over 245 grand to raise a kid till they are 18 and that doesn’t include college tuition and all that stuff! 58 more words