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When Zombies and the Bible Collide: An Author Interview with Stant Litore

Author Stant Litore is celebrating the release of his latest work, I Will Hold My Death Close. Another entry in his highly successful Zombie Bible Series. 2,276 more words

Swedish Fish

The Wanderlusty VAGabond

Nothing gets me off more than a fresh stamp in my passport. As I write this, I am about to hit my 30th country. Presently, I’m on a train from Stockholm, Sweden to Oslo, Norway, hungover as hell, pining for a cheeseburger, and trying to remember what the fuck happened on my Tinder date last night (1). 1,515 more words

PHOTOS: Here's Some Things That Cost As Mush As A Raising A Kid!

Raising a kid is really expensive.

It’ll run you over 245 grand to raise a kid till they are 18 and that doesn’t include college tuition and all that stuff! 58 more words


Dollar Stores are your friends

Now I know you are probably thinking “You damn right they are !!!!” For those of you that may feel that Dollar stores are beneath you, think again. 249 more words

$20 Or Less On A Day Of Rest

Swim Teacher Appreciation Day gift idea

Here is a fun and easy gift idea for your favorite swim teacher!



Mason Jar

Swedish Fish

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Have your child fill the jar with Swedish Fish.   47 more words


Some of the best spirits sold on the market

Today, you can find some of the best liquor in most alcohol stores around the world. Alcoholic beverages spirits are spirits, wines, brandy, cognac, Armagnac, Amaretto… 531 more words