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Life after death for La Dolce Vita star Anita Ekberg?

SHE’S about to find out now – the one question that eluded Swedish movie goddess Anita Ekberg.

Anita, the shining star of Frederico Fellini’s 1960 classic… 116 more words

Prostitution: Beyond an infantilising feminism

Bronze relief installed by an anonymous artist in Amsterdam’s Oudekerksplein (Old Church’s Square) in the heart of the city’s red-light district of De Wallen. Photo by… 2,697 more words

Prostitution Law

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“The last twelve years have shown that sex workers want to work independently and do not wish to be forcibly outed.” Criminal law professor Dr. Monika Frommel on conservative double standards, the dark sides of the Nordic women's movement, and plans to reform Germany's Prostitution Act.

Kuosmanen: La loi contre l’achat de sexe crée un faux optimisme

Questionnant la loi contre l’achat de sexe: Jari Kuosmanen, professeur associé au Département de Travail Social de l’Université de Göteborg, dit que l’offre et la demande pour des services sexuels en Suède n’a pas diminué depuis la fin des années 1990. 1,460 more words

The Swedish Model: Oppression, Scandinavian style

Alfred Nobel was a Swedish inventor born in 1833. Throughout his life he was an arms manufacturer, and was best known as the inventor of dynamite. 686 more words