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Chirping - A Million Lux

Are you looking for something like Coldplay that is not Coldplay and is positively better than Coldplay? Well you’ve come to the right place cause I found a band for you. 22 more words


Beat the Heart

Just when I  think I can’t find new music for this blog, I stumble upon awesomeness such as Beat the Heart.  And of course, they are one damn good looking band.   23 more words


Goat - Words

Yay!!!!! A new Goat Song.  I am so excited this is finally available for me to listen to on U.S. soil.  I was so bummed the other day when they announced its release and Spotify denied my ears the of this awesomeness.   44 more words


3AM Eternal: Bettie Serveert "Kid's Allright" (1993)

Gotta love the hopeful optimism and devil-may-care alternative rock of the early 1990s, when little bands on little labels would get hooked up with major labels, all in the hopes of being “the next big thing.” Most of ‘em weren’t, but many of them left behind great records. 76 more words

3AM Eternal

Lady Banana - Wall of Cheese

A wall of cheese sounds rather delightful, and so does the song.  I still don’t get why this song is called Wall of Cheese, but this is upbeat, rocky and great garage rock.   29 more words


Mando Diao - Long Before Rock and Roll

Throwback Thursday again, and today to a band that I always seem to forget that they are Swedish. This could possibly because they sound like they come straight out of the U.K. 31 more words