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What's it like to work in a Cathedral?

So, results day…Tomorrow? Let’s change the subject – Something Embarrassing.

How about the time I went to work in a Cathedral? Yep, you read it correctly. 424 more words

Aakash Basi

Casually wiping the dust off like I never went anywhere...

     …oh, um…hi there…
   Not doing anything out the ordinary. Just…sweeping, is all. Nothing big.

   Yeah. Just…sweeping…

   Ok. Enough of the stalling. Time for an update! 356 more words


100 Hard Things

29. Swept mulch off the sidewalk outside of my church with an indoor broom. Much harder than it sounds!

30. Painted cardboard boxes with oil based paint and dealt with the resulting unnaturally colored hands. 9 more words

The Rebelution

When God Sweeps

I was chatting with a girlfriend about this & that & she asked me about a particular potential “suitor” I had been recently talking to. I told her about how he just disappeared with no indication as to why, POOF – &  then I said “God must be sweeping again.” The phrase just came to me out of somewhere & I thought it was pretty cool. 470 more words


Just Sweep

A grocery manager gave a young man his first job. Eager to please, the new employee would rush through every task. Then he would say: “What can I do now?” 172 more words

Helping Humanity

What do you do on your day off?

Yesterday was my day off and I had much yard work to do.  Before I went outside I was reading an article about spending a day just doing whatever you want to do.   251 more words


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