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Sladko kisla čarovnija…

Sweet and sour chicken

Unbelievable recipe via BBC GoodFood: Sweet and sour chicken. Definite 9/10!


Asia Mia

Asia has a delicious and diverse cuisine depending on which country you focus on, of course. I ended up in this restaurant by chance but  was pretty impressed. 509 more words

Santo Domingo Restaurant

Sweet and Sour Manga Review #5: The Devil Does Exist vs. Marmalade Boy

In the battle of which is better it’s a tie because both series are amazing with deep, likable, realistic, characters; compelling drama, and heartfelt love. When I say the characters are realistic I mean they can sometimes be selfish, stupid and even jerks, like in real life. 105 more words


Mustard Cucumbers...


We are drowning in cucumbers this year. I already canned dill pickles and bread-and-butter pickles a while back, but there is one recipe that I always make later on and I make it just for myself -my Grandmothers mustard cucumbers. 254 more words


Independence Day at Vivekdeep

Every year on Independence Day, I shift the flower pots kept in our terrace to make space for the flag post and hoist the tricolor with my daughter Riddhi on tow. 441 more words

Sweet And Sour

An Interesting Sauce

Okay so today I had to get really creative.  I want to make Sweet and Sour Meatballs, but for the sauce we are out of brown sugar, cornstarch and vinegar.   191 more words

Chicken Sauce