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Blueberry Lime and Soya Yoghurt Loaf

My friend “B” who is an amazing chef inspired me to make this recipe. It’s something in between a bread and a cake and I think the taste of the blueberries and of the limes harmonises beautifully. 237 more words

Detox Week 2 completed!

I had to post this pic of me as after one of my daily runs as I felt an urge to hug a tree!

Don’t laugh! 285 more words


Sweet black bean rolls

These are super soft, light rolls filled with a silky sweet black bean paste. The secret to their longlasting softness is the tangzhong method – which involves the addition of a water roux. 773 more words


Apple Butter Challah and a Braid

Challah is Jewish celebratory bread. I was smitten by the sheer beauty of it, the very first time I saw it. It is either braided or coiled like a turban to make it look pretty. 833 more words

My Summer in Texas

This past summer, my husband and I packed our two girls in our van and headed down to help a group of people start a church. 522 more words


Caramel Monkey Bread with Pecans

Waking up to this cinnamon, caramel goodness…this is how weekend mornings should begin! :-)

1 –  16.3 oz. can refrigerator biscuits

1 teaspoon cinnamon

1/3 cup sugar… 141 more words


Raspberry and Nutella Swirl Bread

This recipe includes two of my addictions. Bread and Nutella. What could possibly go wrong? It’s the most heavenly thing to eat warm from the oven. 419 more words

Fruit Bakes