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9 Months

The Bean is 9 months old! Well…9 and a half at this point, but you get the idea.

At her checkup last week, she weighed 16lbs15oz and measured 28 1/4 inches long. 740 more words


Round Two

Bean is in the thick of her second set of teeth coming in, these being to two buck teeth up top. (Those being the scientific names of course.) She went through the cranky-all-the-time phase while we were in Maine. 75 more words


Some Random...Ramblings

– Bean has been, fairly reliably, sleeping through the night for the better part of a month now, not including our trip to Maine. This means I’ve been getting away from my 8-month long mind fuck that said I had to go to bed as soon as she did because she was likely to be up a couple times during the night and I would need to get as much sleep as I could. 444 more words


WBC 2.32 - Vow Renewal

This weekend was another reminder of how much of an impact my parents have had on people’s lives. I find that those who will take a saturday and support two people renewing their wedding vows, must mean that my parents hold some form of importance in their lives. 592 more words

Blog Challenge

Crafty Mama!

I like crafts. I like making stuff. Lately I have had a little less time than I’d like to make stuff. Go figure. But, I was trolling around Instagram the other day and came across one of those signs you can have made with your baby’s birth stats on them. 610 more words


8 Months

So, Bean turned 8 months back on the 3rd. I wrote half of her monthly update post and then closed the tab on accident, and lovely WordPress failed to save it as a draft, so it was all gone. 29 more words


hoping for plenty of Sweet Caroline

This weekend is shaping up to be great for an official start to my wedding season. And what a start it is! I am excited to be a part of my dear friend’s wedding in the valley – and am lucky to have such a fun project to work on… print and prep galore. 62 more words