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The Sweetest Dreams are filled with frosting

Nikki Dalton


Imagine walking into your favorite cupcake shop while on holiday break: the floor brimmed with checkered linoleum and only the most tempting treats on display, pastel colors lining the walls and themed decorations. 656 more words

A Kindergarten Failure

Now that I’m 61, I’m starting to learn the value of some practices that I shunned when I was six. At the top of this list is nap time. 251 more words

Lavender Dreams

Let’s talk lavender. Considering this God-like herb has enough power to put my uneasy ass to sleep, it deserves some SERIOUS recognition.
For whatever reason my anxieties and worries tend to skyrocket to an all-time high when I hit the sheets. 310 more words

I'm Lookin' For A New Love

Just got paid, it’s Friday night
Party hopping, feeling fine…

I’m looking for a new love, baby…

Sweet dreams are made of this… 60 more words

Dating, Love And Relationships


Until recently, lullabies were hardly a crucial part of my son’s nightly bedtime routine. I’m not exactly the most “structured ” mom around (how could I call myself a gonzo momma if I was?!), so he’s never had an EXACT bedtime with an EXACT night after night ritual. 293 more words