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Sweet Heart - Silence Speaks

Sweet Heart

Just experience this silence

The space between me and you is infinite

Close your eyes

Just experience the silence now on

Your Heart and Body will love the closeness… 17 more words


A weaver in Oregon sent me these little SweetHearts she made using our loom. She felted them and then added a beaded edging to them.  I forgot to ask what yarn Kathy used, but I’m guessing it was a fine yarn as the hearts are light and thin, delicate and so pretty! 14 more words


★ Lovey Dovey Pet Names (relationships)

Hello everyone!!

Something that has always been hard for me are the lovey dovey pet names in relationships. I used to call my exbf “cosito” but that was a one time inspirational moment allowed only once in my life. 484 more words