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Outfit Shot - Hyper Japan (Saturday)

This is my co-ord for Hyper Japan on the Saturday. I decided to wear Bodyline as it’s a convention so there’s lots of food, kids, cosplayers (painted people/objects), heat, etc and I don’t want to spoil any of my clothes, hence also choosing black. 65 more words

July 7, 2014

These past few weeks have been pretty scarce on projects because I am finishing the last bits of moving as I get boxes.

Of course, I have found time to start sketching, and I am hoping to post at least 4 sketches this time next week. 39 more words

So my first Lolita buying experience was a little...Neh...

Okay, so as you guys know that I am going to be dressed in the Sweet Lolita style for Hyper Japan; this is my first ever time buying anything Lolita and whilst I was looking forward to it, it hasn’t been as successful as I had hoped… 531 more words


Lolita Inspiration: Coordinate Inspiration

I take a lot of inspiration from photos I see online and in magazines, so here are some of my favorite Lolita coordinates I’ve seen so far. 62 more words

How to Make a Lolita Bow Tutorial

So finally has come the day that I, Chelsea Dagger, can teach the world my mischievous doings! No, not really. I just tried out my first tutorial for Youtube! 39 more words

Merry Meet!

Hello all!
Work has been keeping me VERY busy these last few weeks but this Saturday I managed to drive to Richmond for a lovely Lolita meet up! 349 more words

Tag Video | What's in my Bag?

My second video in a month? I’m on a roll! This video is my first tag video and I thought I would show you what I would have in both my work bag and my con/lolita bag.