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Лимонный тарт с мятным конфитюром

Пришла весна, а ней очередной баттл (в инстаграме). Так что я опять начинаю сезон выпечки :) Сегодня у нас лимонный тарт.

Надо сказать, что я обожаю лимонный тарт. 14 more words


Tahin sauce pastries

The dough:
1.5 tbsp dry yeast
1 tbsp sugar
1/2 warm water
150g margarine
1 cup milk
4-5 cups flour

The filling:
1 cup tahin sauce… 170 more words


Meyer Lemon Tart

A strange thing happens to me once the weather finally starts behaving. I feel this ludicrous need to clean, re organize and cook with lemons. I bought a huge box of Meyer lemons from Costco and they were calling my name on Saturday as the temperatures soared to around 13 C outside.  993 more words


Chocolate and Salted Caramel Tart

There is a tradition in my house that on my boyfriends birthday he gets a chocolate and salted carmel tart, each year I adapt the recipe here and there, and this post is my latest tweek. 536 more words


Pâté Sucree (5th post) there must be an easier way of doing this !

Cooked Pastry shell

Cut a sheet of baking paper about 5 cm bigger than tart tin. Line pastry with baking paper and lay dry, uncooked rice or baking weights down on baking paper. 121 more words


Pâté Sucree (4 th post)

Remove from fridge, remove plastic cover. With a rolling pin, roll out on a clean floured surface or Thermomat. Work quickly, avoid kneading and handling too much as this will toughen the dough. 126 more words


Pâté Sucree continued (3 rd post)

Lightly knead to form a smooth ball on a lightly floured, smooth surface. A Thermomat is ideal if you have one, or otherwise any clean and flat surface will do the trick. 25 more words