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Sweet Potato & Sultana Scones

So with the other half of the Infinite Sweet Potato, you can knock up these savoury/sweetish scones, that I think might just do better with cheese than they would with jam (you may disagree).  231 more words


Sweet Potato, Fake Bacon and Leek Risotto

Took a hint from the biryani rice recipe of the other day, and gave up on risottos where you stand and stir, add more stock, stand and stir, add more stock….not when there’s an Angry Birds Halloween tournament to attend to, no sirree!  217 more words


The week that was...

This week there has been the usual activity in my kitchen, the usual flurry of herbs and spices…so much fabulous flavour and amazing aromas used in a whole array of dishes. 183 more words


Business is booming.....

Or at least the work part of it sure is!  My hubby has been steady at everything the last couple of weeks and for some reason that is when I want to blog more than ever.   547 more words

Sweet Potato

Spinach and mixed nuts cakes..

My last post was a week ago celebrating my first year anniversary of blogging; I’ve cooked and made lots of different foods in that week but haven’t been ready to post anything as I’ve been so overwhelmed with all of your lovely responses to my post that I haven’t wanted to move the post down the page! 332 more words


Meatless Monday - Sweet Potato Pancakes

Sweet Sweet Potato Pancake

I don’t know if I had latkes on the brain or what, but wham- I had an urge to make a… 165 more words

Food Yoga

Marvellous Mezze for Fiesta Friday! (Check out my NEW sweet potato flatbreads...yum!!)

This is my idea of lunch!!! Every and any day of the week, this is the kind of meal you’ll find on my table…I make old and new dips, I experiment daily, and enjoy it all DAILY! 331 more words