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Milkies: Lactation Cookies

I’m always looking for inspiration for the desserts I make. A few days ago, one of my friends mentioned she wanted to try lactation cookies… 480 more words

Sweet Recipes

Meatless Monday: Hers and His Smoothies

Yummy Vegan Smoothies

Happy Monday! I hope you had a fun Easter Weekend. The hubby and I hosted our family Easter party at our house yesterday afternoon. 360 more words


Minion Cupcakes

Who doesn’t love minions!? I originally made these cupcakes for my sister when she decided to leave us all and move away. But I most recently made them for a 4 year olds birthday party and they were recognized as “despicable me’s”, success I would say. 122 more words

Sweet Recipes

Bunny Butt Barrel Cake

At work I am a member of our social committee and we were discussing ways to make money around Easter. I had literally just seen this cake on Pinterest the night before and it was like a light shining down from the sky saying this is your opportunity to make this cake. 835 more words

Sweet Recipes

Cupcake topper

Have you ever made a cupcake and you just wanted a little more fanciness or some extra umph? Well a couple years ago I saw the most ingenious thing I have ever seen. 178 more words

Sweet Recipes

Tender Lemon Cake

What a fine example of worldwide recipe sharing this cake makes – originally posted on “Grandbaby Cakes”, this cutie found its way to Lili… 588 more words

Sweet Recipes

Thumbs up Betty Crocker!!!

Talk about a simple and tasty gluten free cake!!! Betty Crocker has a gluten free line that consist of cake, cookies and pancake mixes. Personally… I like all the products. 182 more words