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Healthy vegan banana bread

Finding a healthy banana bread in store can be tricky enough, without the extra challenge of hunting one down that contains no dairy or egg products! 671 more words

Sweet Recipes

Strawberry shortcake

Hello Minaaaa!

This is our first recipe post! yay!

A while back we made a strawberry shortcake, a cake which is eaten in Japan for birthdays and Christmas. 223 more words


raspberry + cherry granola bars (vegan)

Tomorrow is my birthday and I’ll probably get yelled at by my nutritionist for eating (read: overdosing on) coconut peanut butter. Thankfully, I can’t veer too far into the splurge zone because all my mainstay treats are in the gluten and dairy camp (ah, the glory days of almond croissants, buttered Brooklyn bagels, pumpkin pancetta pizza and pasta pesto!). 448 more words


Picang Coklat Keju


Pisang Coklat Keju..
Yupp se-gamblang judulnya, bahannya hanya Pisang, Dark Cooking Chocolate (DCC) dipotong kecil-kecil, susu soya dan keju (khusus keju cuma buat saya saja…hehehe, untuk Kia tetap tanpa keju) 128 more words

Sweet Recipes



adalah salah satu kue favorite di rumah
kue pertama yang bisa saya bikin dan jadi lalu bisa dimakan dan semua bilang enak pada saat saya remaja, bahkan “jaaauuuhhhhh” sebelum saya bisa masak yang lainnya… hehehehe… 290 more words

Sweet Recipes

Another Natural Yeast Bread: Chocolate Green Tea Bread


Another Bread with Natural Yeast
This kind of bread is the only bread – i mean a real bread that Kia can eat as she is allergic to yeast… 95 more words

Sweet Recipes

Raw Chocolate Cheesecake

This cake is so sweet chocolaty and delicious, It is the perfect treat to make for summer, pop it sliced in the freezer and take it out and defrost it as you need to! 161 more words