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Gelatin Jigglers

1 cup cold fruit juice
3 tablespoons unflavored gelatin (Great Lakes Gelatin)
2 cups filtered water
1/2 cup raw honey (optional, for tarter juices) 61 more words


Nut Butter Chocolate Bar Ice Cream Pie

Mix ingredients for Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips. Freeze in greased pie plate for crust.

Stir first five ingredients of Nut Butter Chocolate Bars continuously on stovetop at low to medium heat until mixture melts and slightly thickens. 41 more words


Impala & Peacock Chocolate-Rose Slice

I am sorry for not posting for almost 2 months!
I’ll be sharing some new recipes very soon =)

Life got REALLY busy for me all of a sudden; I went to Cairns to visit my family, I moved houses, I went to India &  I’ve been having a lot of fun making raw vegan cheesecakes for… 131 more words


nectarine, yogurt and poppy seed cake (gluten + dairy free)

While I haven’t quite fallen under the spell of dairy-free chocolate chips (and you don’t even want to know my response to sampling a certain brand’s dairy-free salted caramel ice-cream, unless you want to queue up images of gagging and a face caving inward), gluten + dairy free baking is no longer the traumatizing experience I assumed it would be. 537 more words


Gateau Quatre Quart au Citron Almonds

Happy Monday…
Beberapa hari ini terbayang-bayang salah satu postingan dari Mba Vetrarini Leroy dari group Langsung Enak
“Gateau Quatre quart au citron almonds”
Setelah 2 hari keinget terus (heheh) akhirnya hari Minggu saya bikin deh untuk menghilangkan rasa penasaran saya… 296 more words

Sweet Recipes

Donat Goreng Matcha (no knead)

Happy Friday..
Menu cemilan papaku hari ini
Donat Goreng Matcha

Adonan asal cemplang cemplung..
Tidak pake diuleni..
proffing cuma 30 menit
Adonan memang lembek jadi kalau nggoreng di bentuk dengan dua sendok.. 76 more words

Sweet Recipes

Cinnamon Roll (no knead bread)

Bikin kemarin malam untuk kudapan dirumah
Seperti biasa..bahan dasarnya adonan roti no knead andalan
Bikinnya cepat…roti empuk…semua suka…

Berikut resepnya yah…

***cinnamon roll***
@emmarumawas… 141 more words

Sweet Recipes