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Attack of the giant cookie

Sometimes there are days when a regular sized cookie just doesn’t cut it… today was one of those days.


Greek Yogurt + Raw Honey + Fresh Fruit

Here is one of my favorite snacks.  It’s usually in my lunch at work or I have it in the afternoon when I’m needing a sugar fix.   389 more words


A Snackpacker's Guide to Thailand and Cambodia: Part 3

4. Angor Wat at Sunrise: Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Angkor what? Angkor wat. Angor WHATT??/ It’s spectacular. Just don’t expect to be the only one there. Pack a snack. 931 more words

Sweet Snacks

Dairy free Yogurt cake

In France, the Yogurt cake or more commonly called Gateau au Yaourt is the mother’s favorite cake to bake with their young ones. Why is this? 223 more words


Going gaga for Granola

The hubby and his colleagues can’t get enough of these granola bars! I’m making two batches a week so do try the recipe out as they are a little bit tasty!

Sweet Snacks

Chocolate Chip Cookies to melt for

I love thoses cookies as they are crunchy on the outside yet chewy in the inside.

Makes 24 + cookies
Time: 2h45 (includes 2h15 in the fridge and 10 min baking) 193 more words

Sweet Snacks

Crunchy oatmeal energy bites

I love homemade snacks :) there is nothing I can do about it…

Time: 1h35 (includes 1h to chill, more time if you need to make many batch) 176 more words

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