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This past weekend I had my nineteenth birthday, and for my birthday I got a new decoration for my dorm room/room at home as a gift. 399 more words

Life Happens

Lipton Tipton

Lipton. Yeah, it’s that tea in the yellow box with the red label. Most people have heard of Lipton. Lipton is a normal tea. Lipton is the tea that restaurants have so they can say that they’ve got hot tea. 500 more words

What Southerners Talk About When We Talk About Y’all

They can’t make sweet tea.

Just ask any Southerner recently home from a trip across the Mason-Dixon what their biggest complaint was and the answer most assuredly would involve tea. 316 more words


Derk's Filet & Vine

431 Cloverdale Rd.
Montgomery, AL  36106

While Montgomery, Alabama is the state Capitol, it’s really not that large of a city. And so the best restaurants in town get passed around quickly until they become locally well-known. 439 more words

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A sweet tea revelation: patience, my dear child

Southerners are serious about their sweet tea.

To some, it’s a religion.  And as such, each person has their own special way of concocting the perfect pitcher. 618 more words


Sweet Tea

It’s amazing how many times we have heard, “What’s the recipe for this?” whenever we serve sweet tea. “Um… tea and sugar. A lot of sugar.” Honestly, a good Southern girl doesn’t really need a recipe to make Sweet Tea. 816 more words