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Robert Hess wanted to create a drink with an Italian touch using peach bitters (2002). And the result is this wonderful amazing drink which he called… 31 more words


TBT Classic Cocktail #22: The Negroni!

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone! 

For this week’s classic cocktail we are heading back in time to Italy in the early 1900s to recount the history of one of the most famous apéritifs of all time: The Negroni!  212 more words

Stirred Drinks


A Negroni is probably the easiest cocktail to make.  This is a classic, bitter cocktail.  The bitterness comes from the Campari, and for some can be an acquired taste, but one that you will begin to crave. 40 more words


Corpse Reviver (#1)

A few days ago, I shared a post about the delicious restorative, the Corpse Reviver #2 as I started my vacation.  That same night, after finishing off that cocktail and going to make another, I discovered I had used up my last lemon.  451 more words


Juicer redux

Last week we looked into whether using juice from a squeeze juicer vs. a twist juicer made a difference for oranges and grapefruit. Turns out it did. 706 more words

Lime Juice

The Libertine

Last time, contemplating Trader Vic’s Fog Cutter, I pondered the risks of combining multiple spirits—“too many spirits”—in cocktails, and the fine line between great cocktails and trainwrecks. 773 more words

Gin Cocktails

Steel-aged Manhattan

The section in Tristan Stephenson’s Curious Bartender about ageing cocktails was very interesting to read. Most cocktail ingredients – spirits, vermouths, bitters and so forth – have been through individual ageing processes before being bottled, creating their unique flavour that adds to each drink they are used in. 254 more words