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Yacon Syrup- Healthy or Hoax?

The trendy new weight loss supplement on everybody’s radar is yacon syrup. A famous TV doctor called it a “metabolism game changer” and products have flooded the market making all kinds of big claims. 725 more words


Homemade 'Truvia': an apology

In my past posts I have encouraged the use of Truvia as a natural alternative sweetener to sugar. I technically wasn’t wrong in my recommendation, as Truvia is made from Stevia, a plant, and Erythritol  which is a naturally occurring sugar alcohol that comes from corn. 108 more words

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Gluten Free Breakfast: Quinoa Protein Porridge

You might not have been running the marathon yesterday, but there are still plenty of reasons to start the day with healthy, energy-giving meals!  If you’re looking for gluten free breakfast ideas, why not try this Quinoa Protein Porridge. 277 more words


Yacon Syrup Possible Benefits For Endurance Athletes

The diet and health communities are all buzzing about yacon syrup and the many health benefits it seems to have. Endurance athletes are always concerned about maintaining optimal health and looking for the best diet additions and supplements to keep their bodies in top condition. 467 more words


The Irony: Artificial Sweeteners and Weight Gain?

Artificial sweeteners are often consumed by those trying to lose weight. These would include things such as Splenda, NutraSweet, and Sweet N’ Low.

Multiple studies have shown weight loss with the use of artificial sweeteners.However, multiple studies have also shown an association between artificial sweeteners and weight gain- quite the irony.

Why Sweetener Won't Kill You

I can feel the judgemental gazes looking down on my and my aspartame filled diet coke, but please, just listen, I could save you calories. 346 more words

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E.J.'s authentic Philly pretzels

Soft pretzels, Philly style, with sea salt flakes, and butter glaze.

My friend E.J. from Pennsylvania says these are the real deal. Having never eaten a… 1,158 more words