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Not Quite the Same Taste

Ever grow accustomed to a specific taste? Years ago, I always used sugar in my hot tea. Then for a while I got out of the hot tea habit for some strange reason, but then about 6 years ago I started back up again as a cheaper and healthier alternative to hitting the pop vending machines at work. 157 more words

Low Down on Sweeteners

We’re Naturally Sweet, Thanks

Looking for alternatives to refined sugars? You’ve come to the right place. There’s a whole host of sweet delights on our shelves, waiting to liven up your cup of coffee, baked goods, marinades and dressings. 2,190 more words


Tiffini's Fat Bombs

There are a number of recipes for “Fat Bombs” on the internet, but this one is my wife’s version.  These have been a lifesaver for starting and maintaining a Low-Carbohydrate or Ketogenic diet over the last few years.   100 more words

Low Carb

Artificial Sweeteners - Aspartame (Equal, Sweet 'N Low)

In a continuation of my coverage on artificial sweeteners, this post will be dedicated to one of the most controversial of them all: aspartame.  That’s because aspartame has been blamed for causing cancer and attributed to many other afflictions, which is evident in… 3,235 more words


Swapping Chemicals For Sugar?

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Have you found yourself caught up in the hype about sugar?

It isn’t much of a mystery. Manufacturer’s of sweeteners take pride in their ability to advertise and market their products as safer than sugar. 675 more words


Sugar By Any Other Name...


It’s the basic form of energy we need to survive. Every cell and every process in our body is fueled by glucose. This simple monosaccharide (read: sugar) is what every carbohydrate we eat breaks down into. 600 more words