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Food for Thought: Too Sweet for their Own Good?

Most of us, intentionally or not, have consumed foods and beverages flavored with artificial, or non-nutritive, sweeteners. They are widespread in processed foods, including soft drinks, candy, dairy products, baked goods and numerous other products. 685 more words




The Coca-Cola Company announced it is eliminating the sweetener, Stevia, from its Vitamin Water because consumers have complained about a bitter after taste. There is a lot more to the story than that. 533 more words


Should Food Companies Tell Consumers How Much Sugar They Add To Products?

Looking at the label of any food product on grocery store shelves and you’ll find the total amount of sugar in that item. But does it matter how much of that sugar is from a food’s raw ingredients, and how much sweetener was added? 311 more words

Cut Out Caffeine Intake: Transition Day 3

Hello everyone! Thank goodness it’s Friday.

The weekend is here, so it’s time to grab a buggy & hit the grocery stores or markets. It’s only a few days before the cleanse begins. 255 more words

Conscious Cleanse

No More Sweeteners: Transition Day 2

So sorry for such a late blog post tonight, it has been a busy, busy day. Since I do not work on Thursday, I definitely take that time to get a few errands done! 223 more words

Conscious Cleanse

Green-Lit Sweeteners

  • Aspartame- occasionally
  • Glucose/Dextrose
  • Honey (except for acacia, sage, and tupelo), 2 Tb
  • Saccharine- pure
  • Stevia- pure, in small amounts, very occasionally