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Sweeteners: A Guide

Most of us consume sweeteners every day. Whether that’s in our morning coffee, as a dessert or as ingredients in food products we love. New natural sweeteners, (meaning they come from plant sources versus being synthetically produced) are cropping up on supermarket shelves, but many of us don’t know how to incorporate them or how they affect our health. 601 more words

5 tips to avoid 'unhealthy health food'

There is an art to buying ‘healthy health food’. Unfortunately, among the millions of health foods on the market, many consist of unhealthy ingredients disguised in ‘healthy’ packaging. 375 more words


Ways To Drink Coffee (In A Healthy Habit) !

I have an absolute LOVE relationship with coffee. A cup of freshly brewed coffee or iced coffee is a standard part of my morning routine. Coffee isn’t necessarily bad as some people say so, in fact it can provide many health benefits. 198 more words

Coconut Oil

Complimentary Sweetener for Coffee

What do you usually put in your coffee? Sweet-N-Low, Sugar, Splenda, Truvia, Honey? Have you ever thought of trying maple syrup?

Maple Syrup is a sweet superfood that subtly sweetens coffee with just a teaspoon mixed in. 134 more words


Artificial Sweeteners Cause Obesity and Diabetes

Artificial Sweeteners Cause Obesity and Diabetes

Majid Ali, M.D.

I am wary of miracles of synthetic chemistry that claim to promote healthful aging. Sometimes the case of such synthetics appear to be convincing. 243 more words

Majid Ali MD

Auchenbio Update

Dear Readers,

Unfortunately there has been a lack of activity last month in terms of my blog posts. I started my MSc in Molecular, Cell and Systems Biology (Research) degree at the beginning of September and it’s been pretty hectic being back in the lab, learning a new topic etc. 89 more words


Wedderspoon Canada Introduces Powersnap- Honey Endurance Packs

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or an endurance athlete, it seems there’s a new way to fuel up pre and post workout that doesn’t involve downing plates of pasta or chugging chemical-laden energy drinks – pure, raw honey. 303 more words