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If you like drinking Coca-Cola, and getting caught in the rain...

Another requested post- this time on Coca-Cola! A warning first though: I do drink and like Coca-Cola, and what I write in this post is not meant to scare you or stop you from drinking it (especially with the chemical names), but to inform you. 933 more words

Is Coke Life the Future of Soft Drinks?

Sugar. It’s pure, white, refined, processed evil.

We consume it every day – and it’s not strictly our fault. In the past, there were no traffic light stickers on packaging to tell us how muchof our RDA of fat, salt and sugar we were getting our food. 688 more words


Flavoured Water? Just Peachy Thanks!

I walked up the little gravel track to the house and plonked myself down on the patio chair.

“What would you like to drink?” my dad asked grinning. 788 more words


My vegan Dry Store - Part One

Before heading out to sea for a few months, or when preparing for a long trip to somewhere I will struggle to find specialist vegan ingredients, I do a HUGE inventory of what I need, what I have and start stock pilling goods in our dry stores. 1,169 more words


The Sugar Diaries #1

I’m going to do a series of posts from my research paper for Food Policy class:
Obesity and the Need to Label Added Sugars in Sodas and Packaged Products… 212 more words


Pâte de Fruit

Pâte de fruit is boring.

Maybe I should qualify that by saying instead that there is a reason why it ends up on most restaurant petit four programs. 2,196 more words


Balancing Blood Sugar!

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Sugar Solutions & New Products

I hope you all had a wonderful summer. I don’t know about you, but I ate too many sweets! 1,259 more words