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Swerve & SYG - Everybody Knows (Everything) (Prod. By Rav.P)

New music from Swerve & SYG inspired by Banksy’s recent street art. Produced by Rav.P. Find more Swerve & SYG at swerve916.bandcamp.com


Playing Possum in Connecticut

Country road brought sighting:
possum family
streaking cross at curve.

Car whizzed through
papa – mama
babes trailing aft’.

Don saw eyes reflecting:
dared us to swerve… 26 more words


The Future is Meow

They’ve long been thought of as passive, even indolent, pets, but lately it seems felines have been calling the shots. Are we all in danger of becoming cat people? 14 more words


Bow Valley Ranche serves up tasty treats you'll want to share

You can actually feast on venison stew while watching deer frolic outside the restaurant.

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Swerve [Blu-ray]

Driving cross-country to a job interview*Colin opts for a shortcut and happens across a fatal car accident. One of the drivers*the intriguing Jina*is shaken but not hurt*while the other lies dead – leaving a suitcase full of money without an owner. 49 more words

Clap for the Wolverine, Man

He has mutant healing abilities but Wolverine still feels the pain of being ignored by his home province. Why can’t the superhero get a little Alberta love? 14 more words


Everyone loves a good pie in the face

Easter is a perfect time to bake a pie.

from Swerve – Cover Story click here for original entry: http://ift.tt/1gKXKGg