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Kershaw Limited Edition 3 Piece LED Flashlight Manual Swerve Manual Freefall

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“The condition of the Kershaw Limited Edition 3 Piece LED Flashlight Manual Swerve Manual Freefall you buy and its timely delivery are guaranteed u…


Classical mornings

I love waking up in my room every morning, I have my phone connected to the speakers in my room through an auxiliary cord and it’s set up so that every morning once its 8am, my phone comes on itself and starts blasting the diverse collection of classical music I have stored on it (thanks to the very costly internet here) in a different sequence every time and you’d think “oh what if he wakes up one morning to a piece he doesn’t really fancy?” but I carefully selected every musical piece I have from Beethoven to Bach to Mozart, lol I bet tyler the creator listens to Mozart too and so on and so forth so I wake up in paradise everyday which lasts for about a few minutes just till my average life comes crashing down on my head, but what can I do, sigh.


LOL-WORTHY: The 22 COLDEST Things That Have Ever Happened

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Now THIS is how you curve someone. Seriously, these people have taken the talent of curving a creeper and turned it into an art. 285 more words


Carrot Quinoa Cake

I discovered several years ago that gluten containing grains should not be a part of my diet.  Being a “carb junkie”, giving up bread, cakes, crackers, etc. 520 more words

I'm in Manufacturing, Spending

Everyone writes about how to get points; apply for a bunch of credit cards, commute from NY to LA on a daily basis, or hack into your parents’ account, smash and grab style. 1,230 more words

Points 101

In Relationships, We're Our Own Worst Enemy

I know, I know, I know.  I’m always talking about relationships.  Look, I can’t help it.  As a serial monogamist that recently discovered the single life, it’s a topic that dominates my thoughts, now.   843 more words