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What better way to treat yourself mid-week with some delicious and easy to make buckeyes?! I’m not sure if y’all could tell but I love peanut butter and chocolate. 130 more words


Giftz - Swerve

Joining ESGN was a great move for Giftz. Everything the Chicago-native has been putting out lately has been absolute fire. Even though it’s short, “Swerve” makes a big impact. 6 more words


Ugly Nickname

meaning- when someone always calls you by your flaws.

Three Examples Of Suddenly (2008)

1. We suddenly had to run out of the rain.

2. We suddenly had to swerve to avoid the
the car coming at us.

3. We suddenly had to start conserving… 21 more words


Transformers Generations Legends Class Flanker and Swerve Figures

Riding with Swerve is a terrifying experience. The Autobot technician lives up to his name. His attention span is so short that he finds even exit ramps boring, which more often than not results in him drifting, uncaring, into oncoming traffic. 140 more words

cor*don: n. a line or circle of police, soldiers, or guards preventing access to or from an area or building.