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Taylor Swift: The most influential artist of her time?

I’ve always sat on the fence with regards to Taylor Swift as an artist, deciding not to change the station when one of tracks has come on is as far as its ever gone. 386 more words


Selena Gomez Reportedly "Threw A Fit" At Taylor Swifts Birthday Party

Selena Gomez apparently had a mini melt down at Taylor Swifts birthday party.

It was over Justin Beiber. A source said she yelled “No one understands me, my boyfriend doesn’t even understand me.” 34 more words


Here's What You Searched For Online in 2014, Interesting Stuff

Google is our encyclopedia, we “google” everything that we need to find or want to learn about, so in 2014 here is what “Google” says YOU looked for, and it asks what does this say about us, watch the video and see what you think, I think it’s pretty interesting and might lead to clues as to where the world is headed. Video is HERE

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Introduction to Function Currying in Swift

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There’s a chance you’ve heard a term floating around with some of the more functional-minded languages. The term is “curry” and not only is it a delicious Southeastern Asian cuisine, it also refers to… 57 more words


Lazy Initialization with Swift

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Lazy initialization (also sometimes called lazy instantiation, or lazy loading) is a technique for delaying the creation of an object or some other expensive process until it’s needed. 21 more words


Swift 101 - Classes, Variables, Properties & Methods

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To declare a class in Swift, you use the class keyword followed by the name of the class. If it has a superclass, you add a colon and the name of the superclass. 49 more words


NSNotifications with userInfo in Swift

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Working on a HomeKit application, only to take a detour to working withNSNotifications in Swift. I’m going to make the assumption that you are already familiar with both… 55 more words