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Taylor Swift - Nevermind

I want to say it, now more than ever. But if I do, things will be awkward and I’ll be called BPD and needy and… I just want this feeling to go away. 289 more words

SWIFT 820ED Audubon HP Binocular, Black

Swift Audubon 820 and 820ED are designed based on specifications gleaned from a Swift survey of the world’s leading ornithologist, the Swift Audubon binoculars have become famous worldwide for superior performance and dependability. 111 more words

Taking a swift break

I’ve never seen a swift have a rest before, until now…


Swift 8.5x44 HCF Audubon Roof Prism Birding Binoculars, Black 828

Swift 8.5×44 HCF Audubon Roof Prism Birding Binoculars, Black 828HHS

Swift Ones - Friday April 18th

It’s the best, it’s the worst, it’s awesome, it’s sucky, it’s hot, it’s not, it’s rainbows and smiles, and it’s some hard core sex.
With your fave ladies kungfucandy and katie sadie. 9 more words

Johnny Jackson

4/11/2014 - Proverb of the Day

“A lame cat is better than a swift horse when rats infest the palace.” – Welsh Proverb

If you like the proverb for the day, you can find this and 1.8 million more gift ideas at… 7 more words