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swift를 이용한 multi-dimension array 활용


nsarray내에 nsarray를 넣는 식으로 multi-dimension을 이용했었습니다. 들어가는 데이터는 nsobject라면 무엇이든 상관없었습니다.


swift의 array에서 multi-dimension을 활용하기 위해서는 미리 데이터형을 지정하게 되도록 바뀌었더군요. 만약 형을 지정할 수 없다면 AnyObject를 써야겠네요. 26 more words


A Swift App that Calls JSON Web Services

In this article I introduce a small iOS 8 app written in Swift, named SwiftPlaces. I wrote the app in order to get more experience with the language and try out some new features in iOS 8, such as Adaptive Layout. 456 more words


swift를 이용해 aws s3에 이미지 2장 이상 동시에 저장

프로필 이미지 등을 저장할 때 사이즈에 따라 2장 이상을 동시에 저장할 경우가 생깁니다.

이럴 때 한장씩 sync로 올리면 파일의 숫자가 많을 경우 너무 많은 시간이 소요되겠지요. 110 more words


Simplifying NSJSONSerialization in Swift

While writing a pet project app in Swift I put together this convenience function that simplifies converting an NSData into JSON objects via the NSJSONSerialization… 31 more words


Weekend prototype: open-source GameAnalytics mobile panel on Swift

I always wondered why high-tech super smart analytics systems never show you the most important metrics of gameplay: user lifetime and lifetime value, known as LTV. 262 more words


Collection and Sequence Helpers

Before the next installment about laziness, an aside about sequence and collection helpers.

In the previous article, I used a couple of helper objects to generate sequences without having to implement a whole sequence class. 1,037 more words


func parameters in Swift

How function parameters work in Swift can be a little confusing, here’s an attempt to make it clearer:

1. func

By default parameters of funcs do not have external names:

376 more words