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The Gliding Thing

I found this video from Swimming Without Stress. I realized that my main issue is I don’t know what to do when the momentum stops and I’m out of air. 74 more words


Lesson 4 : The Gliding or the Pretend Gliding

I was introduced to the ever wonderful thing called the kick board. I told my instructor that although I know I can float, there’s something about gliding away from the wall that freaks me out. 48 more words


Post Lesson 3 : Practice Session 2

I think it’s getting better. At least I don’t take as long as before, to get used to being surrounded by water. I was actually losing concentration at work because I was looking forward to practising, thinking that I would be able to glide away from the wall today, but that didn’t happen. 119 more words


REPOST: Infants can learn basic swim skills to save themselves in the water

Teaching children to swim at an early age can help them develop self-rescue skills to prevent drowning. ColumbiaMissourian.com’s Sara Trimble discusses the basics of survival swimming for infants and young children… 1,754 more words

I Can Finally Float

So, I can finally float at the 3rd lesson. However, I’ve not pushed myself off the wall. Now I see that I just need more time. 78 more words


Lesson No. 3 Finally Floating

I can finally float. Yes! Yes! Yes!
Next mission, I will need to push myself away from the wall. But this to me is a great achievement. 23 more words


Mission for December 6, 2014

I cannot believe what I just did. I messaged my swimming instructor to find out how early I can access the pool cos I want the extra time to practise,…or should I say I… 115 more words