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Sandpiper Swim School Promotion!

The following promotion is available for Sandpiper Swim School: By showing the flyer below or mentioning the promo code “WEBSITE,” you’ll receive 5% off the first month of swimming lessons!Let your child get a head start on swimming this year by participating in Sandpiper’s year round classes! 15 more words

Toddler vs duck pond

So it’s finally happened. My toddler has fallen into a duck pond.

I used to be a huge ball of anxiety, so even going near the duck pond would once have been a very stressful outing for me. 360 more words

Animal Photographer Gives Swimming Lessons To 1,500 Puppies While Taking Incredible Pictures Of Them

Picture yourself giving swimming lessons to a child.  Now times that by 1,500 but with puppies.

According to NPR, that’s exactly what this award-winning animal photographer, Seth Casteel, did while managing to capture incredible photos of puppies diving into a swimming pool. 230 more words


Things I Love Thursday - 2

A busy week around the traps here which peaked with the return of Daddy on Tuesday night. The house just feels calmer and more collected when Jack is around. 741 more words


Underwater Puppies

Image source TheFrisky.com

I have a lot of weird talents. Clapping with one hand, splits, synchronized swimming, oyster shucking, and most of all, staying underwater for a freakishly long time. 118 more words

Marlo M/c

Babies love water...or do they??

For six years, I have been teaching little kids how to swim through the pool program at my old high school. This Saturday was the first day of our swim lesson session and like every first day of lessons…it was CHAOS! 407 more words