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Swing sets and Childs play

so let me tell you about the time I accidentally kicked a child in her face. I know how it sounds but I did say it was an accident. 516 more words

Pre-Season is upon us!!

Pre-Season is here!

This is the time you can make your Playset, Trampoline & Baskeball Hoop purchase at Pre-Season Pricing but wait til Spring to have it installed! 71 more words

[THEATRE] Swing Set

By Julie Cohn

Note from the Writer: I have a personal mandate to break down stereotypes, especially as they relate to gender and sex.  The idea of gender is a completely antiquated notion which tends to be used as a divisive weapon.   2,498 more words

Ride Or Die

Walsh Avenue Reserve, Croydon Park

Bordered by the Cook’s River Cycleway to the south and Georges River Road to the north, Walsh Avenue Reserve is an expansive and well maintained park with a children’s play equipment, picnic tables and a water fountain. 140 more words


Diary 1, Entry 17. Chapter 12: Best Friends!

Date: N/A (~2001)

Dear Diary,

I went to Julia house. I asked Mrs. Remmey if I can sleep over too! She said it was ok! So I ran up stares and packed. 37 more words



OMG the wind blew our swing set over (mind you it was staked into the ground!!!!!)

The whole thing landed on my garden fence! I can’t believe this, my kids are going to be devastated! 28 more words


Santa Clause, Satan, and The Swing Set Sucker Punch

I am about to open a fat can of worms. There’s no way around it. We don’t need this to get messy. But we’re going to get real for a few minutes. 619 more words

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