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The 5 Year Plan

Recently, I was listening to Jo Hoffberg, who was a guest on SwingNation, talk about where the current top hoppers will be in 5 years. Sparked by people like Frida and Sarah Breck popping out babies and the move towards home grown scenes (See Peter Strom, Nina Gilkensen, Micheal and Evita, etc etc), a lot of conversation has started to center around who will be left standing, and who will fill the voids of the Lindy workshop instructor ranks. 653 more words


Job Done

Because our neighbours are on holiday we were able to make an early start on burning branches and foliage. With the two fires approach we had made considerable progress by lunchtime. 620 more words

!!! Democracy Women's Swing Cape Hoodie, Grey, Medium reviews

Democracy Women’s Swing Cape Hoodie, Grey, Medium

Democracy Women’s Swing Cape Hoodie, Grey, Medium. If you looking for Democracy Women’s Swing Cape Hoodie, Grey, Medium. 84 more words

Samba-Rock: Popularização e primeiras bandas

Você Sabia?…

Que a partir da popularização do samba-rock, como um gênero musical, surgiram bandas dedicadas especialmente a esse estilo musical?

Que a primeira banda a tocar exclusivamente Samba-Rock foi o Clube do Balanço em 2000? 23 more words



Tessa is being impossible this evening! She’s cock a hoop (oh dear that translates into Cock rings in Mongolian) … Um … she is very full of herself … that’s even worse … 127 more words