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Ethical Non-monogamy: Can sharing lovers work for you?

Jenny and Greg are a couple that have been together for a long time and have recently become engaged. Rebeca and Alex are a couple that had been married for several years. 759 more words


How To Know If You Are Swinger Material.

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Maybe you’ve been thinking about it for a while?

You know what I’m talking about.

Maybe you have those kinds of friends who have suggested you try it, but you never really followed it up? 534 more words

How we opened up and beyond

I’m guessing if you’ve found this blog you’ve actually read my twitter bio, as I’m not promoting this anywhere. I’m not writing this for attention, but I just wanted some place to write down my thoughts. 533 more words

The Imbalance

What they tell you in books like “Ethical Slut” and “Opening Up” is that you have to go at the pace of the pace of the slowest person. 444 more words


My heart was pounding as we walked to the restaurant. This would be the third couple we met in the lifestyle. Their pictures were promising as they were our age, attractive, and had many interests as us. 382 more words


The First Mistake

We suffered a little hiccup but seem to be cautiously back in full-swing. Things are still a bit uneven with the pace between us, but we all agreed that we could not go without one another…and so, we persist. 403 more words


The Human Experience

I write to you today from a place of unrest. Our loosely formed “quad” (if you can actually call it that) is struggling to find our bearings in this new emotional landscape. 154 more words