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The work place and sex is complicated

Having been in in the lifestyle for two and half years and still going does not make me an expert.  We have learnt a lot from our mistakes and miscommunication.   1,236 more words

Non Monogamous

The Illuminated Musical Swingset

As just about anyone would attest to, going on a swing is a blast. Even adults are known to revert to a special, happy place when you seat them on a swing. 123 more words



I want to write about Isaac and how hurt I am. How hanging out with him Saturday was the exact same as always but somehow completely different. 565 more words

A Swinging Saturday Night

Earlier this evening, I took a detour during my drive along River Road to spend some time at a place that is quite special to me. 

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That's Another Story

Tiny Thought

Little Boy

Little boy singing,

Swinging, and winging his way to the bright blue sky.

Toes in the trees,

With the birds and the bees,

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Rocking a Swing - Adventure Time in Olympos

“Have you seen Mike?”

Nope. I haven’t. Sorry. I may have met Mike once, although I’m not certain. But I have to thank the elusive man- without him I wouldn’t have found myself hanging upside down over Olympos, supported by a single rope and an Englishman.

Updates for the Day

It’s been a while since talking to men and not women, since trying to generate interest out of online profiles and thin air basically. Some conversations just drop off, some I just drop. 450 more words

Open Marriage