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I Fix Things

These days-away;

I have fixed a;
– malfunctioning cistern
– recalcitrant rotring
– jammed gate lock
– hand harmed by prickly pear
– sprained finger… 43 more words


Top 5 souvenirs from Europe

I am back from travelling Europe for five weeks. It was an amazing experience and I have a lot to show for it. During those five weeks, I was limited in the number of things I could carry around because I only had a 45-litre backpack and I didn’t want to weigh myself down with useless stuff. 319 more words

Tourism & Travel Tips

"swiss army"

digital drawing

My little keychain swiss army knife is my favorite thing in the world! Drew it as an assignment in my Adobe Illustrator class. :P


Hiking in Wilhelm Tell Land: Äsch, Uri, Switzerland

Following a tiny map from a newspaper cut out we headed to Äsch in Uri to explore the lands of Wilhelm Tell. It started as an overcast day with enormous flies that bit you if you stood still for more than 5 seconds, but soon the sun came out and the gradient increased and we got a good old fashioned family work out. 458 more words

Europe And Zürich

Day 273


This song was in my head as Mom and I were driving to the next job, through traffic hell and torrential rain to be her Swiss Army Knife, to do what few sane people sign up to do on their vacation time… 267 more words

The Future Has Arrived

Have you ever thought “it would be great if I could replace this useless tool on my modular Leatherman/Swiss Army Knife with something I’d use every day?” The tiny, fragile Phillips/flathead jewelry screwdriver on my Leatherman Wave just broke again, and in order to replace it, I had to spend basically $20 to buy a kit, with a bunch of other accessories I *don’t* need, to replace it. 103 more words

Not Always "Just A Tool"

The knife above is a relatively plain Swiss Army knife. It is a little over 15 years old and I have carried and used it almost all of that time. 936 more words

Scattered Shots