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Day 273


This song was in my head as Mom and I were driving to the next job, through traffic hell and torrential rain to be her Swiss Army Knife, to do what few sane people sign up to do on their vacation time… 267 more words

The Future Has Arrived

Have you ever thought “it would be great if I could replace this useless tool on my modular Leatherman/Swiss Army Knife with something I’d use every day?” The tiny, fragile Phillips/flathead jewelry screwdriver on my Leatherman Wave just broke again, and in order to replace it, I had to spend basically $20 to buy a kit, with a bunch of other accessories I *don’t* need, to replace it. 103 more words

Not Always "Just A Tool"

The knife above is a relatively plain Swiss Army knife. It is a little over 15 years old and I have carried and used it almost all of that time. 936 more words

Scattered Shots

Day 255


Barely enough energy to see straight or piss straight, let alone think or act straight.  No Tao of Pooh – will get there some day (as rivers know).   321 more words

Top 10 Crazy Japanese Inventions You Don’t Want

The Chindogu – meaning purposeless and, without being nasty to the inventor, pretty stupid inventions. Put it this way, these guys would be laughed off Dragon’s Den. 523 more words


SAKs and things

That’s abbreviation for Swiss Army Knife. My facebook avatar is a picture of a Ruby SAK Cybertool 34 nestled in my hand.

There are three fresh, visible wounds on my fingers in that shot, wounds I got using my SAK to fix my sweet but disintegrating old sailboat, making sure it could safely get my family over to Catalina Island. 485 more words