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Into the Bowels of the Earth They Venture

With Boz in the lead and Slasher McGoogs bringing up the rear the adventurers wriggled and crawled down the narrow flu. Slasher checked regularly over his shoulder for any sign that they were followed and surreptitiously fingered his Mauser Red Nine, his security blanket; the rest of them would be furious if they knew he was toting a real and loaded weapon. 504 more words

Bozzy Shenton

Swiss army knife - 3D model

3D model of a Victorinox army knife that I have created using Maya. The inspiration behind this came when I received a real Victorniox knife as a gift.


Based on my example, they probably think we're lazy too.

Not up for the usual blog entry today, so instead I give you this little gem:

The Swiss think we’re idiots. And by “we’re” I mean Americans. 41 more words


Cave Dale

The little group made for Bargate, winding up hill and out of the town, and soon found the claustrophobic canyon entrance to the jagged gash of Cave Dale which, carved by melt water at the end of a long past ice age, climbs south from the town to the moorland above. 389 more words

Bozzy Shenton

Searching for the Best in Little Things

I’ve written some pretty serious posts recently. Today I want to poke a little bit of fun at myself.

The older I’ve grown, the less materialistic I’ve become. 736 more words

Roger E. Bruner

Sith's Multifunctional Saber

Who needs a Swiss army knife when you can have a Sith Army Knife.

source: CB

- Colleen