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"Squeaking" of the Swiss National Bank: 'No Gold for Us!'

“. . .The EU debasement is ongoing but in the wacky world of international banking such debasement is considered a hallmark of prosperity. The less your currency is worth the better off you are. 997 more words

Federal Reserve

Notes From Underground: Another G-20 Communique ... Yada, Yada, Yada

The gathering in Brisbane, Australia provided a backdrop for the world’s leaders to reveal their warm and fuzzy sides to the cameras as koalas were distributed… 1,054 more words


Forex Loans Spotlight Shifts To Poland

By Jan Cienski in Warsaw

The Hungarian government’s move to put an end to its long-running problems with loans denominated in foreign currency is shifting the forex spotlight to Poland, which now become the region’s leading holder of the dubious financial products. 435 more words

Emerging Markets

Notes From Underground: Solid Unemployment Report Yet Perplexing Market Reaction

In the recent blog post I opined that the nonfarm payrolls (NFP) would be above the long-hoped for 300,000. The actual number was a “tepid” 214,000. 731 more words


It seems nuts, but the Swiss may go back to a gold standard

The British pound hasn’t been linked to gold since 1931. The US snipped the cord in 1971. But the Swiss only fully severed ties to gold in 1999, … 660 more words