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From German to Swiss-German: Getting around in Basel

It’s been a few months since I first came to Basel, and I clearly remember how curious I was before I did so. Even though I had been living in Germany for two years, I had never crossed the southern borders and visited Switzerland. 921 more words


In memory of a friend.

My friend Martin Müller-Römheld passed away last Sunday. We had recently been discussing a list of books that had made an impression on our lives. On Martin’s list was the book “Steppenwolf” by the Swiss German author Hermann Hesse. 85 more words


Hangang Blues

The day I decided to stop being a hermit and get out of my house for a little solo expedition, it chose to rain. (Note: It didn’t rain for the whole week except this day.) 104 more words


Speaking German in Zurich

I’ve only been here properly for one day, and already I’ve noticed so much about how German is spoken.

As you already know, most people here speak Swiss German (which is basically a variety of German). 346 more words

Exchange In Zurich

What does a Spaniard, Kurd, Eritrean, and an American have in common?

The answer is simple: temporary unemployment and a desire to learn German in Switzerland as quickly as possible. If it isn’t obvious I just started an intensive German class.  560 more words


Trams, trains, and the Hugo

My first full week in Zürich has quickly gone by.  Prior to moving here I was a bit concerned that I’d be bored during the workweek but that hasn’t really been the case.   649 more words