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The Black Thursday you likely never heard about...

Dear Mr. Market:

In all of our “letters” to you a recent market event perhaps best sums up how nasty and volatile you can be. This time you really pulled one-off and caught the entire financial world flat-footed. 964 more words


Brokers and high risk events

On the 15th of January EURCHF plunged fast and hard 2.240 pips after an unscheduled and surprise announcement from the Swiss National Bank (SNB) that called an end to their minimum exchange rate which had been in place since September 2011 and ensured that one euro could not buy less than 1.20 Swiss Francs. 197 more words

Educational Articles

Foreign Exchange: Swiss Miss

When the Swiss National Bank (SNB) intervened to weaken its currency in 2011, analysts called the subsequent abrupt drop in the franc’s value a “20-standard-deviation move”. 639 more words


It Ain't a Trend Until it's a Trend

The euro and the dollar both looked ripe for countertrend rallies. Still do, actually. In my last post, I shared some charts that showed what I thought were very good set-ups for what at least could be some short-term trend reversals in the two currencies. 1,224 more words


How The Swiss National Bank Almost Crushed George Soros ~ ZeroHedge

 Submitted this morning by Andre…nice find, mahalo!

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 01/23/2015 12:52 -0500

Minutes after last week’s Swiss National Bank shocker, jokingly we mused: 1,059 more words

News And Politics

ECB's Mario Draghi Fires His Monetary Bazooka!

I think this is a pretty fair statement, but in another email today Larry Edelson, someone (only) associated with the same company, Money and Markets, has sent out an email saying the DOW will go to 31,000 by 2016 and please watch his video to understand the reasons why. 479 more words


RT: ECB announces milestone €1.14trn ‘easy money’ program

Published time: January 22, 2015 13:43
Edited time: January 22, 2015 15:32

Reuters / Ralph Orlowski

The European Central Bank announced it will embark on a fully-fledged quantitative easing program from March, which will break down to €60 billion per month. 510 more words