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A decisive victory!

When last you saw me, I was babbling on about a decision of what to do next with my artwork. So, I’ve made a decision, and I’ll start babbling about that now. 156 more words


swarm in november?

the birds flew a week ago

before the record cold.

the ladybugs have disappeared

(except for the few who are still hanging around on my kitchen ceiling…) 141 more words

Country Life

Minimalism (II)

Albuquerque, New Mexico, is a fascinating city to visit. The Old Town district is full of interesting architecture, stores competing for customers with beautiful displays and riotous colors, and museums and structures attesting to the city’s historical roots. 190 more words

Weekly Photo Challenge

From the Bed? No, from the Head

My earliest photos this year, many published here, were taken from a hospital or nursing home bed. That was about as far as I could go. 71 more words

Good Morning Gloucester

Ghosts of the Forest

Sycamore trees are sometimes known as the “Ghosts of the Forest”. How did they come by such a handle? Some say they earned the name due to spooky phenomenon told of in Wyandotte and settler lore. 77 more words


Maturity Will Move The 'I' From Its Mountain

Maturity will move the ‘I’ from its mountain.

Now that’s a catchy title. The NT is full of teaching concerning the death to self (Luke 9:23, Luke 14:25-35; Phil.2 just for starters). 3,260 more words

Hidden Treasures

The Meeting Under the Sycamore Tree

There is an account in the Book of Luke chapter 19 verses 1 through 10 that tells of a man who climbed a sycamore tree for a very special reason. 944 more words