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Sycamore Poisoning!

Its been a long week with a couple of very long nights! This week I had first hand experience of nursing for a six month old colt with the awful sycamore poisoning that most of us have heard about, read about or had friends experience this year. 467 more words


Down and Dirty

Time to get down and dirty, back to the nitty-gritty, and other last generation cliches….

Wasn’t my art supposed to be about healing?

As I rush around producing merchandise for shows, and feel the angst of the approach of another Christmas Rush in retail…. 115 more words

Awaken to Amazement

Those who are Awake live in a state of constant amazement.
~ Buddha ~

I am always in amazement of the mighty, towering Sycamore trees. Their majestic and ghostly white trunk and limbs stand out against the background of the evergreen trees, scenic backdrops and the stunning sunsets we experience here in Arizona. 93 more words



Gratitude List:
1.  All my Facebook friends who write gratitude lists, which reminds me to do my own.
2.  The bolt of magenta that flowed upward from the morning’s tangerine sunrise onto an indigo belly of cloud.   197 more words


WINOL Analysis “Horse owners hit by ‘devastating’ disease”

My opening shot grabs the attention of the viewer and there is rich NATSOT. I thought of the most obvious association for a horse that was the *clip clop* walking sound and aimed at getting this before I was on location. 324 more words

WINOL Debrief/Analysis